Whilst dealing with the effects of the pandemic has been a major focus in 2020, a Strategy Working Group has been shaping a new strategic plan, to enable BSAC to be fit for the future.

We’ve drawn on:

  • Everything we’ve learnt throughout this year.
  • Feedback from the recent membership survey which told us what you like about BSAC, and also what you think we could do better.
  • What people who have left us have said about what might have made them stay.
  • Things that we think BSAC can, and should, do for the environment as the National Governing Body.

In developing the new strategy, much work has gone into thinking about why BSAC exists and what sort of organisation members need us to be. We’ve been around since 1953 and over that time we have had a significant impact in the diving world. We see the new strategy as a way to build on that legacy: adapting to how people want to go diving now. This will allow a wider and more diverse membership to safely enjoy the underwater world and play a part in conserving it; looking after it for future generations.

To give you an insight, the new strategy intends to deliver the following:

  • Increased use of modular training so our programme becomes more accessible and easier for everyone to get involved. Making flexible and smoother connections between clubs, centres and regional training, all while retaining our approach to safety and high standards.
  • Greater use of technology, allowing us to communicate better directly with members and to enable members to connect with each other and the wider BSAC community around shared interests (e.g. types of diving, snorkelling, sites or photography).
  • A much clearer focus on environment and conservation and clear messages about behaviours that we, and others, can adopt to be more sustainable and reduce damage.
  • Collaborations with other sports and agencies to create a more diverse offering around different aspects of the underwater world, which makes membership more attractive to a wider audience and adds value for all.
  • Flexible membership models so it makes it easier to stay with BSAC.
  • A more responsive organisation overall that can adapt to change and survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Increased support for clubs so they can develop and grow, building on what we have worked on in the last years.

Member feedback is an important part of the strategic planning process and the Strategy Working Group would like to receive feedback from members on its proposed way forward for BSAC.

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