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Three easy ways to learn to dive with BSAC

1. Join a BSAC Club

With more than 1,100 around the UK, there is sure to be a BSAC club near you. Our clubs welcome new divers and are a great place to learn.

As a BSAC club member, you'll learn to dive through completing your Ocean Diver course under the expert tuition of a fully qualified BSAC Instructor. Delivered over a number of weeks and a series of weekend dives, you benefit from the ongoing support and expertise of your diving instructor and fellow club members as well as the highest standard of training.

By joining a BSAC club (also known as branches), you can also participate in the full range of club activities, including further training and specialist skill development courses, social activities, day and weekend diving trips and diving holidays. Many clubs have access to a local pool for regular skill practice and offer other facilities, such as their own boats, compressors and equipment.

More information on how to join a BSAC club
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2. Learn to dive at a BSAC Centre in the UK 

You can also complete your Ocean Diver qualification at a BSAC centre, where you can ‘fast-track’ your training as a commercial client. Learning with a BSAC centre is ideal if you're looking to dive on holiday or want to learn over a shorter period of time. As a qualified Ocean Diver, you will also be a member of BSAC and can go on to join your local BSAC club.

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3. Combine your learn to dive training with your overseas holiday

Our overseas Diver Training Centres offer the possibility of learning to dive while on holiday. Our Ocean Diver course – including the qualifying dives - can typically be taken during the course of a week. To enable you to make the most of your holiday, you could also take a referral course in the UK, where you take your theory and pool sessions in the UK before completing your qualifying dives overseas*

*Dependant on your resort and availability of a BSAC training centre