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Club diving is at the heart of BSAC

Throughout the UK and overseas, our diverse network of clubs provide the ideal environment for regular diving, training and diver development.

Divers training in a pool3Through a local BSAC club, you can enjoy a full range of club and training activities - including specialist skill development courses - as well as weekend dive trips, diving holidays and social activities.  Many clubs meet regularly, with weekly pool sessions, social get-togethers, weekend dives and regular open water training. All training within BSAC clubs is delivered by fully qualified BSAC instructors and provides a flexible, cost-effective way to learn to dive.

Many clubs are also very well equipped, with their own boats, compressors, equipment and pool access.

BSAC clubs welcome all divers - so whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, trained with another agency, learnt to dive on holiday or haven't dive for a while there's a BSAC club for you.
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