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BSA Jubilee Trust – Grant Award – Project Reports

An aim of the British Sub-Aqua Jubilee Trust grant awards is to enable quality underwater projects to be conducted and to raise the standard of projects undertaken by diving clubs, individuals or expeditions by providing financial assistance. The Jubilee Trust wishes to encourage both the ordinary diver with no previous project or scientific experience as well as more experienced organisers and scientists. 

A vital part of the grant award activities is to also make available to the general diving public the information generated by the projects. To this end the Trust are now making the project reports received downloadable. Reports of Jubilee Trust projects undertaken since 2009 are available from the links below. We are also in the process of collating and digitising projects undertaken prior to this date to make them publically available.

If you feel you could undertake a project equal to or better than those reported below, that fulfils the principles for Jubilee Trust funding then we would be delighted to hear from you. The Trust may be contacted at 

Project reports:

2017 SS Faith

Seasearch Exploratory Survey in the Channel Islands

2016 Black Bream Project

Operation Man-O-War

Start Point Survey

Stirling Castle

2015 Dragon Wreck

Mulberry 70

2014 Bigbury Bay Survey

Unknown Aircraft, Mablethorpe

2013 German Sub -Seehund

HMS Pine Project

Tea Clipper Gossamer

2012 Dart Cannon Site

Gull Rock Wreck  Iona II licensee Site Report

SADSAC Project Wrecks of the Solent

2011 HMS Venerable Project

Korcula Project

Korcula Report final

2009 Hunter  Sayer - Comparative effects of habitat complexity

Black Bream Project

Mulberry 70