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Clean up with BSAC!

OrganiseVolunteer Underwater Litterpick

Over the past few years, BSAC divers and snorkellers from more than 100 BSAC clubs have:

  • Conducted 136 Underwater Litterpicks, involving over 440 volunteers
  • Spent a total of 120 hours underwater retrieving over 500 large bin bags filled with rubbish
  • That’s a total of 9,140 individual pieces of marine litter removed from over 10,000 m2 of our coastline and inland waterways

And the underwater clean-up continues ….

BSAC is asking all its divers to clean up on very dive, if you see safely retrievable marine litter please bring it up and dispose of it responsibly

If you discover a dive site that has a significant amount of marine litter, why no plan to return for a specific Underwater Litterpick. Read our Underwater Litterpick guide for more information

Perhaps your club already knows of a dive site or inland water location that has a known problem with marine litter. Then bring your divers together for a coordinated Underwater Litterpick as part of your dive calendar this year

And don’t forget – share your Underwater Litterpick stories and photos with us – email

Together, divers and snorkellers can help to turn the tide on marine litter

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