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Other Agency Instructor Crossover

Accrediting other-agency trained Open Water Instructors as BSAC OWIs

BSAC recognises the qualifications of divers trained by other organisations and also Instructor grades awarded by most agencies. There can really be little reason to question the validity of an existing, other agency diving instructor qualification. Indeed the majority of instructors have been ASSESSED not only in the classroom and the pool but also on their teaching ability in the Open Water. However, we do need to ensure that any instructors teaching the BSAC syllabus are familiar with the system we use to train our divers and instructors.

Consequently BSAC members, who are BRANCH MEMBERS hold instructor

qualifications from other organisations, can apply for the Instructor Induction Programme, which will involve:

• Current membership of BSAC

• Application to attend an Open Water Instructor Course (OWIC) as an other agency instructor

• Evidence of other agency Open Water Instructor grade and a Passport style photograph (please Email to )

• Receive a pre-event pack*

  • Completion and verification of the Induction form will allow teaching within the branch under supervision prior to attendance on the OWIC (full details in the pack)

• Attendance and full participation at an OWIC

Instructor Card• Applicants are awarded the BSAC Open Water Instructor (OWI) qualification

Please note carefully this process is only available to Instructors wishing to teach within the BSAC branch system. Instructors intending to work commercially follow a different process and should contact for more information.

* pre-event pack
this pack contains a comprehensive set of resource materials that will allow the crossover instructor to follow a Instructor Crossover packsequence of self study including using practical lesson videos and supporting review materials to help prepare for active attendance and participation on the OWIC. The materials include the full set of resources provided on the Instructor Foundation Course (IFC) including The Diving Instructor's Manual, Instructor Resources CD-ROM and IFC Student Notes.

The pack is provided as a complete resource and individual components cannot be excluded or replaced with alternatives.

Instructor Training

Book an Instructor Crossover Course

The Crossover process requires attendance at an OWIC. Dates, locations and online booking here.


Instructor Crossover FAQs

The answer to the most common questions about crossing over as an Instructor


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