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A Try Diver's story

A try dive in 2008 inspired Trevor Dunn to learn to scuba dive....

Hi, my name is Trevor and with my girlfriend Bethan, I joined Aldershot Dolphins in 2008 following a try dive with the club.

I had originally booked the try dive for Bethan because we were going on an Australian Trevor diving in Maltaadventure holiday and one of the days would involve scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  We both really enjoyed the try dive and were made to feel most welcome. After the try dive, we went along to the club for a drink and a chat to find out more about how to join.
We have been really impressed with the depth and professionalism of training we have received from the club. We have been able to go at our own pace with the advantage of the pool training. The theory lessons have been enjoyable, interesting and again we have been able to go at our own pace, enabling us to fully understand and absorb the information.
I was advised from the start of joining not to rush out and buy all the gear at once because the club had all the essentials to lend. Once again I was very impressed with the quality and how well maintained the gear was and still is. Being able to borrow the gear enabled us to Bethan Mitchelltalk to other members and ask their opinions and also able to borrow and try other members’ equipment.

New friends

This is a big plus with the club, everybody is so friendly and helpful. We have been with the club for over a year now and we are making new friends and enjoying the social evenings and events that the club organise.
Our very first shore dive was to Chiswell beach where the weather and company was great and the dive was awesome!! I didn't sleep properly for the following two nights because I was still on a high from the weekend!

 Joining BSAC is by far the highlight of my year! A big thanks to Aldershot Dolphins for making it so enjoyable.

Trevor Dunn, BSAC Try Diver 2008