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IFC structure

On the first morning in the main classroom
The Diving Instructor Lecture 20 minutes
This interactive session will highlight the qualities that a good instructor needs over those that a good diver will have; thereby indicating attributes you may need to improve in order to become better and therefore safer instructors.
How People Learn Lecture 25 minutes
Here we look at the learning process and show how we can make use of these principles to teach more effectively. In particular you will learn about progressive instruction. This lesson covers the fundamental concepts we apply to diving instruction at all levels.
Planning and Preparing a Classroom Lesson Lecture 25 minutes
If a theory lesson has been properly planned and prepared, then it has a much greater chance of succeeding. This process may typically take 10 times the duration of the lesson, yet most of the work is unseen by the student. This session aims to show some steps to follow to ensure that a theory lesson will be effective.
Presenting a Classroom Lesson Lecture 20 minutes
This is often considered the most nerve-racking experience, yet if the lesson has been properly planned and prepared is the most straightforward. This session will show how you can minimise the effect of nerves and maximise your chances of giving a successful presentation.
Demonstration - Theory Lesson Demo 25 minutes
On the second day, and for the exam you have to give a 10-minute lecturette on a diving topic, so we demonstrate one. Whilst 10 minutes may seem an artificially short time, the structure, and process of selecting a suitable amount is the same, whether it is 10 minutes or an hour. Although all the theory lessons on this course are ‘demonstrations’ this session allows you to concentrate on the instructional technique rather than the content, and also to review it, thereby introducing the assessment process.
Teaching Practical Diving Skills Lecture 30 minutes
Once again, using the fundamental principles of learning we show how these can be applied to plan, prepare and present an effective practical lesson. The emphasis will be on safety and making things simple for the students to understand. Too much time is wasted talking on the side of swimming pools, and you will see how to make the best use of this expensive resource.
Video Demonstration Practical Lesson Demo 40 minutes
Here you are able to see a 20-minute practical lesson, while focussing on instructional technique rather than the content. Again you will get to assess it, introducing the assessment of practical lessons. A video is used for this because it enables the senior instructor to stop it at various places, to highlight certain instructional points.
On the first afternoon you will work within your groups on the following sessions:
Practical Skill Development Session Demo/tutorial 90 minutes
In this pool session you will see a further demonstration lesson by your group instructor, followed by some work on other basic pool skills. This session has a dual purpose which is to ensure that your own skills are up to the standard required for demonstration (which is invariably higher than required in diving) and also to show how most skills can be broken down into simple stages for real students.
If there are skills you find difficult or cannot think how they can be broken down then your group instructor will be pleased to help. Be prepared to see different techniques and new ideas.
Theory Lesson Planning Tutorial 60 minutes
This is where you will come up with an outline plan for the lecturette you are to give on the second morning. Guidance will be given as to where you can get information, and ideas given for visual aids and class participation. It is not intended that you should have the completed lecture following this, but rather several ideas from which you can draw or add to later on. Please note you will be expected to spend an hour or so actually preparing the materials in the evening, ready for the morning.
Practical Lesson Planning Tutorial 60 minutes
As with the theory, you will come up with an outline plan for the 20-minute pool lesson you will give on the second morning. Ideas will be given as to how the lesson can be broken down and how it can be conducted safely. Once again you will be expected to finish the preparation and produce your slate during the evening.

On the second morning working in your groups
Theory Lessons Practical 90 minutes
You will each give your 10-minute lessons within your group. These will be assessed informally by you, and the others, using pre-prepared sheets and constructive criticism will be given. The emphasis will be on picking up good points first (since these will be the basis of the lesson if you did it again) before looking at points for improvement. All work is done totally within the confines of the group, and nothing is filed away at headquarters. The aim is to further introduce the ideas of self assessment and giving constructive criticism as well as actually giving a lecture.
Practical Lessons Practical 120 minutes
You will each give your 20-minute pool lessons within your group. As above you will informally assess them and give constructive criticism. Again nothing will go outside the groups.
Over lunch, the group instructors will give an informal debrief within their groups on both sessions.
On the second afternoon, back in the main classroom
Teaching diving in open water Lecture 30 minutes
Once again using the fundamental concepts of learning we will show how practical lessons can be taught safely and effectively in open water. It will build from the teaching practical skills lecture, focusing on how to overcome the additional problems encountered when moving out of the relatively safe pool into open water.
It will cover the planning, preparation and presentation of basic skills lessons in open water.
Planning Open Water Lessons Tutorial/Discussion 60 minutes
In this session you will plan within your groups an open water lesson. These plans will then be presented to the rest of the class and discussed. During the session, you will be shown how you can use support materials to help you.
The Way Forward Lecture 20 minutes
Here the Instructor Training Scheme (ITS) will be explained, highlighting the next steps for you to take. There will be advice on how to prepare for the exams, and other suggestions for further instructor development will be explained.

The senior instructor will give an introduction on the first morning and debriefs on both days. The debriefs in particular are likely to be quite interactive. They will also make a few comments after each staff lecture to highlight key points and also to pick up on the various instructional techniques used.

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