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First step - Instructor Foundation Course

The IFC is a two-day course where the essential elements of instruction are taught. The event is a balance of theory and practical sessions.

Candidates are shown how to transfer theory knowledge with good presentation techniques using a variety of media.

For in-water practical sessions, the well-proven methodology of perfect demonstration of skills, mimic, encouragement and progression is shown.

Attendees learn the value of breaking down skill-sets into manageable steps and successfully developing the skills of a trainee.

On the second day, candidates have an opportunity to put things into practice by delivering their own theory and practical lessons.

The two days are intensive but overwhelmingly enjoyable for all. Invariably candidates will report a thoroughly enlightening experience and all will have learned a lot about diving instruction their personal development too – whether they continue along the instructor route or not.

‘The best course I have ever done’ is common feedback from many attendees.

IFC course structure

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IFC Mar 16

Instructor Foundation Course SCUBA Mar 2016

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