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Expeditions Grant Scheme (BEGS)

Applications now welcome for expeditions in 2017.

BSAC offers expedition grants of up to £1000 each through the BSAC Expeditions Grant Scheme (BEGS).

The grants are available every year to groups of BSAC divers to promote adventurous diving as a team. In addition, the expedition should have a purpose, such as finding and documenting new sites or completing particularly challenging dives, or research, or improvement of the expertise of a group of divers. All subsidised divers must be BSAC members and all diving should follow BSAC guidelines.

Objectives of the BSAC expedition grant scheme
  1. To promote the experience of BSAC members in safe but challenging environments.
  2. To promote personal improvement in diving experience and skill levels by individuals who have the potential to cascade that experience to other members.
  3. To promote the improvement of a group of divers to aspire to a higher level of achievement by aiming toward specific, purposeful and challenging goals and aims.
  4. To promote inter-branch diving and to ensure that cascade of experience occurs as broadly as possible.
  5. To promote expeditions that are not just another "subsidised holiday".
Application process

The Expedition Leader should be an experienced BSAC Advanced Diver or First Class Diver. Both participants or Expedition Leaders can apply but the Expedition Leader should be aware and in agreement. The applicant must submit:
  1. A completed Expedition Grant Application Form
  2. A detailed expedition plan generally in accordance with the First Class Diver Expedition Plan guidelines that includes:
    • A detailed description of expedition aims, possible dive sites, depths, times, and equipment
    • An appropriate risk assessment
    • A financial budget and cost breakdown
    • A detailed list of participants including their BSAC membership numbers, qualifications and role within the BSAC (e.g. Regional Expedition Leader, Diving Officer, Area Coach etc.)
    • A statement on how the expedition will be reported after completion.
Applications must be submitted to BSAC HQ and the expeditions officer. They have to be submitted at least one month before the start of the expedition.

The applications will be judged by the Expedition Officer and members of the NDC Diving Group. They will be judged against the set of criteria (listed on the Application Form) to ensure fairness, transparency and suitability.

The funds will be released in two halves. The first half of the grant will be provided up front on approval of the application. The remaining half of the grant can be claimed after the expedition by submission of the expedition report and supporting evidence (dive log sheets and summary of costs).

Further details are contained in the Application Form.
The Expedition Manual

The Expedition Manual

All you need to know about how to run an expedition in one book.


Expedition Diving

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