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Duke of Edinburgh's Prize

When he was President of the Club the Duke offered this annual prize for the best underwater scientific project carried out by members.
This is now the premier award made by the British Sub-Aqua Club. By agreement with the Club the Jubilee Trust administers the Prize. Applications are sent to the Trust and the Trustees who represent a wide range of scientific expertise, select a short-list and submit these to the Duke for his final selection.
Anyone who has done anything of a "research or discovery" nature can enter for the Prize. You do not have to have been awarded a Trust Grant to enter, but each year we encourage the best grant assisted projects to apply.

Application is simple, download the form here.

The prizewinners and two runners-up will be invited to the Palace for a formal presentation by the Duke himself. Everyone gets a signed certificate and the winner receives the Duke's medal.

Previous recipients of the prize are:

1965 Michael Davis, Robin Crump, Cambridge University Branch Sea Cucumber Research, Malta
1967 Major Hume Wallace Survey Roman Fort - Selsey Archaeology

Kingston Branch
1968 Sidney Wignall, Colin Martin & “Santa Maria de la Rosa”

Cdr. John Gratton
1969 Dr. David Bellamy Operation Kelp
1970 Croydon Branch Mewstone Ledges Archaeology Survey
1973 Peter Cornish HMS XE8 Recovery Solent
1974 Peter Cornish Locate Midget Submarine X5 Kaajford - Norway
1975 Watford Branch Chenies Well Archaeological Survey
1977 John Hancock Laminaria Forest Project
1978 Ken Clark Lift of the “Gitana”
1979 Hugh Lubbock St. Paul’s Rocks, equatorial Atlantic ocean

Cambridge University Branch
1980 Les Holliday & Dennis Cawston St. Lucia Marine Biological Survey
1986 Roger & Harry Blake Arnheim Rhine Expedition
1987 Ian Skelton “Die Frau Metta Catherina von Flensburg”

Plymouth Sound Branch
1988 Alan Griffiths & Ray Dennis
1989 Cambridge University Branch Antigua Archaeology
1990 Dr. Cecil Jones Monitoring the Menai Straits

N. Wales Marine Study Group
1991 Major Gerald Moor Jutland Expedition
1992 Captain Murray Whiteside Operation Battle Ensign
1993 James Tyson Tin Ingot Wreck

S. Devon & Northampton Branches
1994 Marguerite St.Leger Dowse Men and Women in Diving
1995 Imperial College Branch Greenland Expedition
1996 Edward Cummings “Earl of Abergavenny” Survey
1997 Michael Thomas Doux de Coly Cave Exploration
1998 James Massey Bay Islands Expedition
1999 Al Goodwin Norsix 99 – Stirling Bomber
2000 Martin Jones Kiaora Aotearoa
2001 Alasdair Harris Eucare Madagascar

Edinburgh University
2002 Don Asprey Fiordland New Zealand.
2003 Samantha Harding Depth, Cognitive Function and Metacognitive Awareness
2004 Steven Holyoak, Panaga Club
Life Beneath the Platforms
2005 Marguerite St.Leger Dowse Women and Diving Studies
2006 Kevin O’Neill Expedition Benthic Orchid 2
2007 Paul Morris, Leicester Underwater Exploration Club
Isle of Skye, historic wreck archeology
2008 Major Andrew Reid, ASADA
Jurassic Shark 2
2009 Alison Mayor, Southsea BSAC
Neptune Wrecks Project
2010 Major Andrew Reid, ASADA
Jurassic Shark 3
2011 Alison Mayor, Southsea BSAC
Kedge Hook
2012 Daniel Pascoe
HMS Invincible
2013 Neville Oldham Bigbury Bay Archaeology
2014 Alison Mayor Mulberry 70
2015 Matt Doggett Black Bream Project

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