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Rebreathers - General


BSAC has training courses for both semi-closed and closed circuit rebreather units. We also have units for hire for try dive events (see below).

The BSAC East Midlands Region ran a successful rebreather Try Dive event recently. They created the film below to share their experience with the BSAC community. 

Thanks to AP Diving BSAC has two Inspiration rebreathers (Closed Circuit Rebreathers) that branches or regions can use to organise rebreather Try Dives or training.

This is a great opportunity for members to give an aspect of technical diving a go. 

Would you like to give rebreather diving a try?

If you'd like to have a go, your branch may be able to organise a rebreather Try Dive in a pool.  Please ask them.

If you are not a member of a branch or your branch can't do this, your regional team may be able to help.

BSAC has two rebreathers available to hire to branches or regions wanting to organise rebreather Try Dives or training. There is a hire charge (currently £30 for 1-7 days) and postage to pay for these. 

Running rebreather Try Dives

Suitably experienced rebreather users (BSAC APD CCR diver or equivalent) can stage Try Dives for fellow members within their club. Please download the Information Pack on the right to access the support materials. 

How do I hire the unit(s)?

  1. Reserve the unit(s) and check availability by contacting Technical Equipment manager Email
  2. Agree a delivery date and pick up date. Tuesday to Friday for delivery – Monday to Thursday for pickup.
  3. Pay for the hire and transport up front by phoning the BSAC Shop on 0151 350 6200 (option 2)

We can make sure the unit is delivered and picked up on a specific day, but not the time – you need to agree a delivery date and address and also one for the collection of the unit at the end of the hire period.  Some one needs to be there between 09.00 and 18.00 on those days or you may incur extra charges!


The units are fully insured during transit but you need to check them for any damage on arrival and report any transit problems to the BSAC Technical Equipment manager. This must be done promptly. The units will be fully inspected on return and damage charged.

If the unit is used for a registered BSAC club or regional course, the BSAC insurance should cover most eventualities, but it might be wise to check your own personal equipment cover as well!

If the unit is to be used by a BSAC member for a commercially run BSAC course, the member will be responsible for any loss or damage and are strongly advised to check their insurance.

BSAC Courses

If the unit is to be used on a BSAC course the student will be unqualified on CCR, therefore the unit must be delivered to the course chief instructor who must be a BSAC approved and registered APD CCR Instructor.

Rebreather diver from another agency?

If you are qualified as a rebreather diver with another agency then you can register this with BSAC by emailing with a copy of your qualifications. This will then be added to your record.