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Acceptable other-agency training

Other agency training and BSAC Skill Development Courses

Members who have studied certain subjects through other diver training agency courses, evening classes or hold professional qualifications may be eligible to apply for a BSAC Skill Development Course Alternative Training Equivalency Cards (except ADP and technical courses).

This acknowledges that their qualification/training meets the requirements of the equivalent BSAC Skill Development Course.

Members who hold any of the qualifications on the table on the Information Sheet A5, (also detailed below), or other professional or vocational qualifications which they believe cover the syllabus of any BSAC SDC, are invited to submit a request to the Diving Resources Team at BSAC HQ for consideration.

Download a Card Application Form


Acceptable Alternatives

Not Acceptable

Accelerated Decompression Procedures

• IANTD - Technical Nitrox Diver 
• ANDI - Technical Safe Air Diver Level IV
• TDI - Decompression Procedures Diver
• ITDA - Ntech Technical Nitrox Diver
• PADI Rec Tec 45 or above

Note* Although these are acceptable alternatives for use in BSAC diving, BSAC Equivalency Cards are NOT issued for any other agency nitrox or technical qualifications but they will be recorded on a members record

PADI Enriched Air Diver

Automatic External Defibrilator (AED)

any AED course completion within 12 months
(record will be dated from completion of course and valid for 12 months from that date unless a refresher course has been completed)

any course completion older than 12 months

Boat Handling

RYA Powerboat Level II
ISA Powerboat Level II
RYA Advanced Powerboat
SAA Boat Handling Course
SSAC Boathandling

RYA Powerboat Level 1

RYA Sailing Boat certificate

Diver Cox'n Assessment

Joint Services Port & Maritime Wing - Powerboat Handling for Diver Coxswain Course

RYA Advanced Powerboat

RYA Level III Powerboat

RYA Safety Boat/Club Rescue Coxswain

Chartwork & Position Fixing

RYA Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster, theory and practical certificates
Royal Navy & Merchant Navy Navigating Officer qualifications (eg Masters, First Mates certificates)

RYA theory (shore based) training alone

Oxygen Administration

SAA Oxygen Administration
SSAC Oxygen Administration
UK Defence Diving School First Aid Course
DAN Advanced Oxygen Provider

DAN Oxygen Provider
Medical Practitioner or Nurse without additional specialist training in oxygen administration appropriate to diving emergencies



First Aid For Divers

UK Defence Diving School First Aid Course
Professional qualifications held by Nurse & Paramedics
HSE Commercial Divers - all grades; former HSE Diving First Aid Courses
Any HSW First Aid at work course that includes  6 hours + of non-Resuscitation First Aid
DAN Emergency First Responder
Navy MDT Dept. of SMOPS - First Aid for Diving Operations Course
RNLI Mobile Training Unit First Aid
Military First Aid Training (MFAT)

HSW First Aid at Work short courses - less than 6 hours duration of non-Resuscitation First Aid

Practical Rescue Management

Joint Services Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS)
PADI Divemaster

SAA Rescue Diver
PADI Rescue Diver

Rescue First Aid

Professional qualifications held by Nurses and Paramedics with relevant training
Defence Diver Extended Medical Skills Course (DDEMS)


Search & Recovery

PADI Search & Recovery Diver Course
HSE Commercial Divers - all grades


Lifesaver/Snorkel Lifesaver

PADI Rescue Diver



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