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Club Diving SDCs

Club Diving
Club diving is the foundation and ethos of BSAC.

This suite of courses equip divers (and some for non-divers too) with skills which help support club diving – or help divers expand their knowledge to get more out of their sport.Diver near wreck

Learning to use Nitrox safely and improving buoyancy adds to personal diving skills. Compressor, operation, gas blending and the ablity to look after equipment, are skills that are helpful to your club.

Active club diving also benefits with divers learning how to plan and manage typical BSAC branch diving activities. Underwater searches and recovering items to the surface can also add to divers’ competence and value in a team.

Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP)

Buoyancy and Trim Workshop

Compressor Operation

Dive Planning and Management

Equipment Care

Marine Life Appreciation

Mixed Gas Blender / Nitrox Gas Blender

Search and Recovery

Wreck Appreciation

Twin-set Diving