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Technical Courses

Role for rebreathersMany interesting dive sites, once difficult for sport divers to reach, have become more accessible.

Mixed gases to extend depth limits more safely, and multiple cylinders or rebreathers to extend dive times, help divers reach and enjoy these sites.

BSAC has a full suite of courses to meet the demand of divers who wish to extend the range and scope of their diving.

To attend these courses you must be at least a Sports Diver and have completed the Accelerated Decompression Procedures course (or appropriate equivalent).

Technical Diver Training Programme chart

Fig 1 Technical Diver Progression

Mixed gas open circuit courses:

Sport Mixed Gas Diver (Gas Mix: 20/30, up to 50m) 

Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (Gas Mix: ≥18/≤35, up to 60m) 

Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (Gas Mix: mix+O2 up to 80m) 

Rebreather and mixed gas rebreather courses:

The CCR course uses the same syllabus and is based on a common core content plus a unit specific element for the following units:

CCR Inspiration Evolution/Vision Diver  

CCR Poseidon Se7en Diver

Mixed gas courses are not unit specific but are offered for:

Sport Mixed Gas CCR Diver (Gas Mix: 20/30, up to 50m) 

Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Diver (Gas Mix: ≥18/≤35, up to 60m)   

Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Diver (Gas Mix: mix+O2 up to 80m)  

Upcoming technical course training dates