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Medical Matters

Fitness to Dive: Medical Self Certification

The UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC) advises the British Sub-Aqua Club and its members on diving medicine issues, including assessment of fitness to dive.

This is conducted through a national network of medical referees with accredited diving medicine expertise, using a uniform set of medical standards which are continually reviewed as new research is published.

Membership of BSAC requires all divers to complete a medical self-declaration form on joining and annually when re-joining. Also if a medical condition arises between these times, it is necessary to use this process.

 The UKDMC website will provide you with access to the latest information and relevant forms are available for download. These include:

  1. Medical Self Declaration System Explanation 2016
  2. Diver Medical Self Declaration 2016
  3. Fitness to Dive Examination Form 2016
  4. Medical Referee Form 2016
  5. List of Medical Referees
  6. FAQ 2016
  7. Appeals Process
  8. Medical Conditions.