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Diving for all

Our Mission Statement
To make a significant, sustained and positive impact to the diversity of the UK diver population, using the skills and enthusiasm of our membership, influencing as a collective body, and setting examples for others to follow.

BSAC's Accessibility Policy combined with the way our instructors are trained helps to ensure that all divers are integrated as easily as possible into the sport.

The strength of the branch system, where club members come together to support each other in their diving activities for mutual enjoyment is a further benefit.

Dennis and friends - Red Sea

BSAC Instructors are taught to be flexible and adapable allowing them to work with all students to help them achieve the necessary diving skills. Any limitations are usually the result of the perceptions of people other than the student themsleves who are the world expert in dealing with their own situation. An Inclusive policy combined with flexibility and adaptability are the key messages for all concerned.

Use the clubs finder icon to locate the nearest clubs and centres that could help you start your diving.

BSAC's Accessibility Advisor is responsible for maintaining and developing BSAC Policy on Accessibility and is available to provide help and guidance to Clubs, Instructors, Divers and their buddies.