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Direct Debit - the easy way to pay

Paying Direct Debit can greatly ease the administrative burden for Membership Secretaries. Plus, membership retention is far greater when members pay by Direct Debit. Read on to see how YOUR club could benefit...

Direct Debit2

BSAC offers two Direct Debit methods of paying:

1. Individual BSAC membership

Members can choose to pay their annual BSAC subscription via Direct Debit. The payment is taken annually. Members that want to pay by Direct Debit need to ask their Membership Secretary or Download the Direct Debit mandate form and take it to their Membership Secretary. Members that select to pay their BSAC membership via Direct Debit receive a one-off discount of £10.

2. Direct Debit Branch Levy Collection Scheme

Clubs can also offer their members the opportunity to pay their club fees (levy) as well as their BSAC subscription via Direct Debit. Clubs can choose whether to allow their members to pay the combined fees annually or to pay their club fees over 10 months via Direct Debit. BSAC forwards the funds to clubs via BACS to the account of their choice.

Paying by Direct Debit is easier for members, is much less work for Membership Secretaries and allows for uninterrupted, hassle-free membership. 

What other branches have said…

“We wouldn’t be without it. It’s a huge benefit to the club and members get to spread the cost of the fees.”
Doug Davis, membership Secretary and Treasurer, Solihull Sub Aqua Club

“My life certainly got easier when we started using this system, it’s brilliant.”
Alan Holland, Membership Secretary, Bromley and District

If your club would like to know more about the Direct Debit Branch Levy Collection Scheme and how it can benefit your club and members, please download the documents to the right of this page.

Alternatively, please contact Sandra Crowley at