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HSE & Risk Assessment

As a group, members of a Branch have a 'Duty of Care' to protect each other from harm.

It is an indisputable fact that diving - a sport carried out in an alien environment - carries with it a risk to life. Recreational diving, within a members club, is not covered by the Heath & Safety at Work legislation. The Health & Safety Executive have agreed that they are happy to trust the UK agencies to take appropriate steps to ensure the sport is conducted safely without their need to intervene.

Committees, Branch Officers and others organising events, be they diving or social, shall carry out a Risk Assessment covering not only the participants, but the public as well.

Where unusual events are being undertaken by branches, such as organising or supporting fun runs, galas or raft races then a formal Risk Assessment should be submitted to and approved by the BSAC Safety & Development manager.

Diving Safety OK signal

Diving Safety

Promoting and developing 'best practice' for divers