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Forming a new BSAC club

With more than 1,100 around the UK and overseas, our diverse network of clubs are at the heart of BSAC.

To form a new club or branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, you will need:

  • To accept and agree that the club will be run in accordance with the Rules of BSAC, and will abide by the published recommendations and guidance of BSAC in its administration, training and diving activities.
  • Have no less than eight people willing to join as full members.
  • Have members willing to serve as officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Diving Officer) on the club committee.

The process of forming a new BSAC club is simple - the first step is to complete the branch formation request form

For more information please call the BSAC Membership team on 0151 350 6201