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Cost & equipment

Compared to many other 'adventure' sports, learning to dive is excellent value for money. And with BSAC, that means you can choose the most affordable way to learn to dive for you.

Joining one of BSAC's 1,100 clubs is the most cost-effective way to start diving - you will payDiver near wreck your BSAC membership and your club's subscriptions for the year and then your club instructors will provide your training.

And, by being a member of a BSAC club, you will quickly see a return on your investment - with regular diving opportunities, ongoing training and expert advice plus the invaluable support from your fellow club members.

Alternatively, a BSAC course delivered through one of our training centres is also an affordable and, for many, quicker way to learn to dive, comparable to the cost of commercial courses on offer from other training agencies.