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Incident Reporting

Collection of incident information is central to understanding trends in diving safety. Many individuals and groups, including the MCA, RNLI, BHA and other diving organisations feed into our system but the vast majority of reports come from individuals.

The Incident Report Form is the basis for this information gathering and is available as a PDF form which you can download and complete.

The current form allows you to fill in the various fields using Adobe Acrobat Reader and to save a copy on your own computer as well as forwarding a copy to at BSAC HQ.

The PDF form allows for simple and effective recording of data and allows us to import the data direct into a database for subsequent analysis and compilation of the report itself.

Please also report 'near misses' as well as unresolved incidents as we can learn from such incidents as well.

Why report Incidents?

BSAC have monitored and reported on Diving Incidents since 1964. The latest report can be viewed at NDC Diving Incidents Report 2016 and is produced by BSAC in the interest of promoting diving safety. It is important to note that it contains details of UK diving incidents occurring to divers of all affiliations, plus incidents occurring world-wide involving BSAC members. We are often asked if a particular incident should or should not be reported. The guidance below seeks to clarify this but a general principle should be to report any unusual occurrence and allow the Incidents Advisor to decide on its inclusion. 

Opportunity to learn

The primary objective of the published reports is to allow ALL divers to learn from the incidents experienced by others. This removes the necessity for each and every diver to learn by their own personal experience and therefore make diving safer for all. BSAC accepts reports from all sources, including the SAA, SSAC, PADI, MCA, RNLI and managed inland sites such as Stoney Cove. Incidents which are successfully resolved are just as valuable as those which result in injury to people or loss of or damage to equipment. It also does not need to be the person who is directly involved in the incident who reports it as anyone witnessing an incident is welcome to submit a report; we take great care not to duplicate information. If in any doubt please submit a report.  

Please Note: Reports submitted are treated in the strictest confidence and no personal identifying details are included in the published Annual Report. The report aims to identify the factors leading to and the progression of the incident and so locations, vessel identification and the names of individuals or groups are not recorded.