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Safety Talk

Forming part of the monthly membership bulletin 'BSAC Talk', 'Safety Talk' highlights key safety themes and provides guidance for addressing the issues raised.

Safety Talk was introduced as a specific section within the membership bulletin 'BSAC Talk' in March 2006. The objective at that time was to further spread general safety messages for the benefit of BSAC members and all divers who could access the information. This section of the Website does not just repeat that information but expands on the key themes and develops and illustrates them further.

Safety Talk supports and interlinks with other BSAC Bulletins (BSAC Talk, NDC eBulletin, Snorkel News) to keep safety at the front of everyones mind whilst ensuring that we can continue to enjoy our sport.

If you find the information here useful please tell others so that we can spread the message. If not, or there are specific issues that you would like to see covered in addition, then please tell us.

Jim Watson
BSAC Safety & Development Manager