The websites for clubs opportunity has had a great initial response with more than 50 clubs now signed up. And there is some good news for clubs that needed more time to commit as the timeline has now been extended.

BSAC’s new digital partner Kolodo Uniform ran a successful webinar for club representatives on 24 April, on the new club website offering (a recording is now available for those that missed it. The password is scuba). We're pleased to announce that since the webinar many more clubs signed up.

Furthermore, due to the current circumstances and requests from clubs, the sign-up period has now been extended until 22 May.

Although the initial club sign up target was not met, based on the current rate of sign-ups and discussions with clubs, Kolodo Uniform and BSAC are both optimistic it will be achieved. As such, it has been agreed this project will be going ahead. Studio time has been reserved for work to commence, and Kolodo Uniform is contacting clubs that have already signed up in relation to getting started.

Kolodo Uniform CEO Josh Diamond said:

We have had several conversations with clubs and understand that this offering is something that a huge number of clubs want and need. We can see a positive future ahead helping clubs utilise technology to enable them to thrive. We are committed to this project and are happy to give clubs longer so they can get the buy-in they need to proceed from fellow members.

Great feedback from webinar participants

The initiative received positive feedback in the chat area within the recent webinar. Comments included, “Great initiative”, “I think it’s a great idea and the website looks great”, “This has been a great presentation. Thank you. Surely this is a no-brainer for any club that is keen to grow their membership!” and “It sounds just what we need to help our club survive”.

Support for clubs:


Want to know more on the initiative?

The flexible websites will be designed to deliver far beyond simple template websites, with many useful features for clubs such as the facility to list and take payments for events and sharing selected events with the wider BSAC community.

BSAC has secured sponsorship funding to make the websites more cost-effective for clubs. The websites are £200 each and post-launch there are ongoing costs of £5+VAT per month to cover hosting and support.

More info on the opportunity for clubs and sign-up

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