The candidates for available council positions in this year's election have been announced.

The 2023 election will see the positions of Vice Chair, Honorary Secretary, and three Council member posts all becoming available.

This year’s election sees the Honorary Secretary member candidate elected unopposed, with two candidates for the position of Vice Chair.

The full list of BSAC Election 2023 candidates 

Click on the candidate name to download their CV:

Vice Chair (one position available)

Honorary Secretary (one position available)

Council member (three positions available)

The successful election candidates will take up their BSAC Council positions after the 69th BSAC AGM on Saturday 13 May at 10am.

As with the previous three years, the 2023 AGM will be held online and all members are invited to attend. Details on how to pre-register to participate in the online AGM and pre-register any questions you may have for Council will be available on the BSAC Election 2023 website provided by Civica. The details of how to access the site will be emailed to you towards the end of March.

How to vote in the BSAC Election 2023

BSAC members with a valid email address and who are eligible to vote will be emailed full details of the online voting process for the BSAC Election 2023, including online voting codes and links to the candidate CVs, towards the end of March. This email will come from Civica Election Services Ltd. (CES). If you do not receive an email from Civica, please contact us at or by calling 0151 350 6201 (office hours are 9am-5pm).

All voting in the 2023 election will be done online unless members specifically registered for a postal vote. To register for a postal vote, please email with your name and membership number.

Make sure we can contact you 

You can ensure your email address is correct by checking your details via your MyBSAC account, where you can update your email address online if it's out of date.

BSAC is keen that as many members vote as possible so is also asking all Branch Officers to check that their club members have received their voting codes from Civica Election Services Ltd. (CES) from the end of March. If not, please get in touch.



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