While the MyBSAC app is relatively intuitive, we have put together a small guide to show you the capabilities of the software.

Note: if you download the App before the launch email there may be a few issues still to resolve.

The MyBSAC app is now available to download on your iOS and Android devices.

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If you are a current BSAC member, the MyBSAC app works with your existing bsac.com username (your email address) and password.

From the members home page, you can navigate around the app using the bottom navigation bar, or the home page buttons.

MyBSAC app loginMyBSAC app home


Navigation bar

News & blog

The news and blog section shows you all the latest blog posts from BSAC. You can bookmark your favourites to read again later.

MyBSAC app blog listingMyBSAC app blog postMyBSAC app blog bookmarks


Book on events, courses and webinars directly from the app.

MyBSAC app event calendarMyBSAC app book events


MyBSAC app membership card

Access your MyBSAC area where you can view your digital membership card, see your qualifications, preferences and details.

You can upload a new photo for your digital membership card, update your personal details and your medical declaration.

MyBSAC app update detailsMyBSAC app qualifications


MyBSAC app med declaration

MyBSAC app preferences

Homepage navigation

Best BSAC UK dive sites

This interactive map allows you to submit your favourite UK dive sites on-the-go, as well as the ability to view the sites submitted by others.

MyBSAC app UK dive sitesMyBSAC app UK dive sitesMyBSAC app UK dive sites

Find a club near you

Whether you're a Direct member looking to join a club, or going on a trip and looking to hook up with another local club, you can search all of BSAC's clubs and centres directly from the app.

MyBSAC app find a clubMyBSAC app find a clubMyBSAC app club listing

Covid-19 advice and support

Visit the advice and support section for Covid-19 on your phone to keep up to date on all the latest news and guidance.

MyBSAC app Covid-19

Latest safety blog

This button will take you directly to the most recent safety blog written by Safety and Development Manager, Jim Watson, and other safety experts.

Access the iSCUBA archive

Read the latest edition of SCUBA magazine online today or catch up on previous issues!

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