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Qualification Cards

BSAC photo-ID Qualification Cards are universally acceptable and more convenient as proof of qualification when travelling than the BSAC Qualification Record Book. 

The following Qualification Cards are available to members from £11 and to non-members from £60.00.

Please download the appropriate form below to order your new card by post.
Please note, these forms can also be used for replacement cards.

Apply for qualification cards by email

Frequently Asked Questions


Download Application Forms
Instructor Card

Instructor Cards
Members Price: £11
Non-members Price: members only

SDC Card Nitrox Diver Cards
Members Price: £15.00
Non-members Price: £60.00

Technical Divers, Instructors and Trainers Card Technical Diver, Instructor and Trainer Cards
Members Price: £11
Non-members Price: £60.00*
* Please note, only BSAC members can apply for Instructor and Trainer Cards
Equivalency Card Equivalency Cards
Members UK Price: £11
Non-members Price: £60.00
Diver Grade Card Diver Grade Cards
Members UK Price: £11
Non-members Price: £60.00
Snorkel Grade Card

Snorkel Grade Cards
Members UK Price: £11
Non-members Price: £60.00

SDC Card
Skill Development Course Cards
Members UK Price: £11
Non-members Price: £60.00
SDC Card Drysuit Diver Cards
Members UK Price: £15.00
Non-members Price: £60.00
SDC Card
Buoyancy & Trim Workshop Cards
Members UK Price: £15.00
Non-members Price: £60.00
CMAS Equivalency Card

CMAS Equivalency Cards
Members UK Price: £20.00
Only available to BSAC trained current members

Qualification Cards -  When included in the cost of the course

BSAC Qualification Cards are included with all Diver Training courses (Ocean Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver) and all Skill Development Courses (excluding Buoyancy and Trim and Nitrox Diver). There is a paper Qualification Card application form in each course training pack which can be posted to BSAC. Alternatively, please order Qualification Cards by email using DIGITAL PDF FORMS

Please note: there is a section on the form which must be completed by the student’s Branch Diving Officer, Lead or Centre Instructor to verify and endorse the training received.

Have a question?

Technical, Skill Development Course and Nitrox Qualification Card queries
Please call Q-Cards on +44 (0)151 350 6255

Diver and Instructor Qualification Card queries
Please call Q-Cards on +44 (0)151 350 6255


Qualification Card Holder (Insert for QRB)


Holds 6 cards and has been designed to fit in the qualification logbook binder.

Q Card FAQs

Qualification cards, clothing, training materials and more

Frequently asked questions about Qualification cards

email card

Apply for Cards by email

Only for courses where cards are included in the cost of the course. Not for replacements or instructor cards