There are five positions becoming available. The positions of Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and three Council positions. You may only stand for one position.

You must complete either:

  • the online nomination form (below) or;
  • download and complete the printable version of the nomination form and send it, including your passport-sized photograph and marked private & confidential, to Honorary Secretary c/o Mary Tetley, Chief Executive, BSAC, Telfords Quay, South Pier Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH65 4FL.

All nominations need to be received at BSAC HQ by midnight on 31st January 2019.

All fields are required unless otherwise stated.

BSAC Nomination Form Election 2019

For term of office 2019-2022

As a current member of BSAC, I nominate myself for the position of:

Please select one

Nominees must be listed as a paid-up full BSAC member on the BSAC database by midnight, 31st January 2019. You may only apply for one position.

Please refer to the rules and guidance below prior to completion of Nomination Form and CV.

Your Election CV

This is provided to all voting members along with the relevant ballot papers. Each Nominee is required to complete this CV and supply a recent passport-size photograph, to be received at BSAC HQ, addressed to the Honorary Secretary c/o Mary Tetley, by no later than midnight, 31st January 2019 either electronically or by post.


  • Candidates are listed in alphabetical order on the voting form
  • No candidate CV will extend over one page
  • Additional information can be supported via personal blogs and websites that can be referenced from the CV

Note: bullet points in your text to assist in the readability and presentation are not counted as words

50 words max

25 words max

50 words max

Note: please include relevant skills to being a Director of BSAC (apart from the post of National Diving Officer, this is a business position, not a diving position).

200 words max

Upload a photo

Rules and guidance on submission

Submission of paperwork by post

CVs and photographs for publication must be submitted so as to be received at BSAC HQ by the Honorary Secretary not later than midnight, 31st January 2019. Only one application per nominee is allowed.

Download postal application form for BSAC election 2019.

Postal submissions should be addressed to:

Honorary Secretary c/o Mary Tetley
Telford's Quay
South Pier Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4FL
United Kingdom

Envelopes should be marked "Private & Confidential".

Submission via online form

CVs and photographs for publication must be sent so as to be received by the Honorary Secretary not later than midnight, 31st January 2019. Only one application per nominee is allowed.

Submissions via the online form are electronically sent to the Honorary Secretary and are marked as Private & Confidential. You will be provided with a summary upon submission for your records.

Verification of receipt

For paper submissions it is the responsibility of the sender to check for successful delivery, online form submissions will be acknowledged as received, electronically.

It is advisable to submit all applications a few days in advance of the closing date to avoid disappointment. Any submission received after midnight, 31st January 2019 will be refused.

To request a hard copy of the nomination form to be posted out to you, or to check for receipt of a paper copy, please email or call 0151 350 6200.

Validation of nomination

1. All nominees must be current fully paid up Full or Associate Members of BSAC as shown by the BSAC database as of midnight, 31st January 2019. For avoidance of doubt, a current fully paid up member will hold a current Branch membership receipt.

2. The Honorary Secretary will check the HQ database at the close of nominations for proof of current Membership of the Nominee and listing on the database.

Note: It is the responsibility of the nominee to ensure that they are listed on the BSAC database by the close of nominations.

3. If no receipt is attached and a check of the HQ database does not show current Membership of the BSAC, then the nomination will be refused.

4. All Nominees must also be current fully paid up Full or Associate Members of BSAC at the time of declaration of results of the ballot (i.e., at the AGM).

5. The Honorary Secretary will again check the HQ database immediately prior to the AGM for proof of current membership.

Completion of CV 

BSAC is a Company, limited by guarantee, successful nominees become Directors of BSAC and BSAC International and have significant legal responsibilities arising from that position, enforceable under Company Law. Suitable business skills are therefore more desirable than diving experience to enable the successful nominee to be effective within the position and should be clearly stated within the relevant section of the CV appropriate to the position applied for. This will also enable the membership, when casting their vote, to make a more informed choice.

The following paragraphs give advice as to the responsibilities of each position and outline considered desirable skills. For each position, a time commitment is expected and required in order to be effective.

Please note: The content on the nomination forms will be directly lifted and reproduced on the BSAC website and in the election candidate profiles. Please check spelling and grammar before submitting your completed nomination form.

Time requirements for BSAC Council Members

As a Council Member, a significant time commitment is required to fulfil your duties as a Director. Council meetings take place at least quarterly and Council Members need to spend time on any tasks that have been allocated by Council to that member. It is also necessary, on occasions, to spend time at BSAC HQ and to attend events.

In view of the foregoing, all nominees should consider the time factors required and ensure they are able to make this commitment before applying for any position.

Time requirements for BSAC Officers

As an Officer of BSAC, the required time commitment is even more significant.  A better understanding of this can be gained by a direct discussion with the current incumbent. It is also necessary, on occasions, to spend time at BSAC HQ together with attendance at events and council meetings.

The Articles of Association of BSAC set out the duties and responsibilities of the Officers of the BSAC:

The Chair

The Chair shall be spokesperson for BSAC and shall further its interests to the best of his/her ability. He/she will address the Annual General Meeting on the affairs of BSAC. He/she shall preside at the Annual General Meeting, any Extraordinary General Meeting and meetings of Council.

The Honorary Treasurer

Article 4 (B)(2) of the BSAC Articles of Association requires that the elected Honorary Treasurer at the time of election must be a member of one or more of the bodies set out at section 1219 of the Companies Act 2006 or otherwise demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Council that he has the appropriate financial/accounting experience and expertise to enable him properly to discharge the functions of Honorary Treasurer of BSAC.

1. The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial administration required by the Articles and by statute. He/she shall keep proper books of account of all sums received and expended on behalf of BSAC other than by Branches and shall record the assets and liabilities of BSAC so as to show a true and fair view of the state of its affairs and explain its transactions. He/she may be assisted in all his duties by such person or persons as Council may appoint.

2. He/she shall prepare a statement of income and expenditure and a balance sheet to the Accounting Reference Date each year which he shall cause to be examined by BSAC auditors and presented to Council not less than 21 days before each Annual General Meeting.

3. He/she shall effect in the name of BSAC and keep records of all investments by Council. He shall arrange for all such monies and securities to be deposited at such branch of such bank as Council may direct to the credit of an account in the name of BSAC for which cheques or other orders shall be signed by not less than two signatories authorised by Council.

4. He/she shall be responsible for the calling in and collection of all debts and of subscriptions from Branches and affiliated bodies and for the discharge of all liabilities of BSAC out of BSAC funds as Council may direct.

Please be aware of the following; 

  • A significant time commitment is required to fulfil my duties as a member of BSAC Council or as a BSAC officer
  • I will be a Director of BSAC and BSAC International and listed at Companies House
  • I will be contacted by BSAC to discuss the role so I fully understand the responsibilities and duties

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