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Membership FAQs

What do I get with BSAC membership?

• Dive and train with friends BSAC has more than 1,000+ clubs
• Access to our internationally-recognised Diver Training Programme
• Worldwide Third-Party Liability Public insurance to £10million**
• Monthly subscription to SCUBA (BSAC’s official magazine)*
• Save £££s on your diving holidays with BSAC Travel Partners
• Have your say - as a member of the UK's Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling
• Access to expert diving advice from our experienced and friendly team
• Up to 50% discount in the BSAC Shop
• Affordable diver life cover, critical illness and income protection cover 
• Unique access to member-only areas of
• Divers' events, including shows and conferences

See the full range of benefits at

* terms and conditions of membership apply.

** Some overseas countries are not included within the BSAC policy, contact BSAC HQ for confirmation if you live overseas.

How long does my self-declaration medical last?

A BSAC self-declaration medical must be completed annually.

I should have a choice between full membership that includes the magazine and one that doesn’t?

We feel that all full diving members should have the magazine as part of their membership to enable them to be kept up to date with what is happening within the ever changing diving world and BSAC in general.

Why don’t I receive a discount for my qualifications through BSAC Direct?

Discounts are only available for higher diver grades and instructor grades through the branch system, as this is a thank you to our members who help with training with the branch system.

What happens to the branch paperwork if the membership secretary has lapsed?

If the membership secretary of your branch has lapsed, then the renewal paperwork will be sent to another member of the committee. It is then down to the membership secretary to renew or alternatively it is up to the branch to inform us of a new membership secretary.

How do we inform HQ that a member is transferring into our branch?

If a member joins your branch from another and it's not due for renewal, we need to be notified in writing. This can either be in the form of a letter, email or you can complete a temporary receipt form for the member, marking it with their membership number and sending it in with your renewals.

I am the membership secretary, when should I expect the renewals?

The renewals forms for all branches are posted out approximately 8 weeks before the renewal date. For example, the membership secretary should receive the May renewal forms at the beginning of March and so on.

I have paid my membership over the telephone, when do I become a member?

If you pay your subscription over the telephone then your insurance cover starts immediately and will expire on the date of renewal.

Does my membership number change each year?

No, while you are a member of BSAC you must keep the same membership number as all your training is logged under this number.

What is needed to prove I am a student?

If you are a new or renewing student member and over 18 then you must support your application for membership with proof of your student status.
This proof can be a copy of a library card, student registration card or a copy of your council tax exemption certificate. We cannot accept NUS cards as proof of student status.

Are there any age restrictions for snorkel membership?

The minimum age for snorkel membership is 6. There is no upper age restriction.

Does a full diving medical override a self-declaration?

If your full diving medical was completed before June 2001 this overrides the self-declaration. Once it expires, you must complete the self-declaration. If it was completed after June 2001 then you will also need to complete a self-declaration medical.

Can I pay my membership over the telephone if I am a member through a branch?

Yes, you can call the membership team on 0151 350 6201 to make payment using a debit/credit card to renew your membership. Your membership card will still be sent back to the Membership Secretary of your branch. New members must complete the registration and temporary receipt form with the branch first.

How do I update my qualifications with HQ?

To amend your details with HQ, take a photocopy/photo of your qualification from your logbook and send or email HQ with your name and membership number. Alternatively, if you are a member through a branch, we will accept a letter or email from the branch Diving Officer or other committee officer.

What is the difference between branch membership and direct membership?

Direct membership is for members who do not wish to be associated to any particular club and is only a paperwork branch. Branch membership is for members who are able to attend and wish to be part of a group whilst actively training.

What do I need to do if I do not receive my SCUBA magazine?

If you are eligible and do not receive your SCUBA magazine please contact HQ who will check your details and post out missed issues. You can call us on +44 (0)151 350 6201 or email

I am a new member, when should I receive my first SCUBA magazine?

This depends on when HQ receives your paperwork as the magazines are printed in advance. Please contact HQ (+44 (0)151 350 6201 or to confirm when you will receive your first copy.

Our branch details are incorrect on the website, how do we amend them?

These amendments can be submitted to HQ in writing. This can be by email and are updated on the database and the website daily. Alternatively, if you are on our system as a branch officer and you are signed in on you are able to make amends in the 'Update Club/Centre' section.

Our branch have under/over paid, what do we do?

If your branch has underpaid, please submit the payment to HQ as soon as possible.  If your branch has overpaid, please deduct this amount from the next batch of renewals that you send in. To confirm these payments please contact the membership team on +44 (0)151 350 6201 or

How does our branch implement a common renewal date, how do the payments work?

Once the branch has decided which month will be the common renewal month, contact HQ to obtain a Common Renewal Date Table. When you receive the renewal forms each month, simply charge each member the amount corresponding to the number of months they require to take them up to the common renewal date.

What do I need to do if I do not receive my renewal form?

If you are a member of BSAC Direct, you can contact HQ and we can post you out a blank application form or you can pay over the telephone or via the website using a credit or debit card.

If you are a member through a club, your renewal form will be sent to your membership secretary. Alternatively, you can complete a blank temporary receipt form marking it with your membership number. These are available from the branch.

How can I pay my membership?

You can pay for your membership by Cheque, Debit/Credit Card, Direct Debit or BACS.

What is joint membership?

Joint membership is when you have two members living at the same address. The second member can take out the reduced Joint membership which does not include the SCUBA magazine subscription as this will be sent to the full member they are joint to.

When does my membership start and expire?

Your members is taken from the first day of the month in which you have joined for example if you join on the 15th Jan 2017 your membership will start from the 1st January 2017.

I have paid my subscriptions to the branch, but HQ have me registered as a lapsed member, am I covered?

As long as you have paid the branch and they have issued you with a receipt you are covered on the BSAC insurance.

Can I be a member of more than one branch, if so, what are the costs?

You can be a member of many branches but you will have to pay your BSAC membership fees through your main branch. The only other costs incurred will be for the branch levy that your dual branches charge for the facilities you will be using.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my branch?

BSAC HQ is your first point of call if you are not happy with your branch or any part of your BSAC membership the main phone number is 0151 350 6200

I am paying by direct debit, when will my payment be taken and when will I receive notification?

Your Direct Debit will be collected on or around the 15th of the month and your card will be sent back to your branch around the 22nd or Direct to you if your are a member of BSAC Direct.

I’ve had 3 months free membership, how do I join?

You will be contacted by the Membership Department just before your due to lapse and you can renew your membership over the phone through BSAC Direct or you can request a list of your local branches if you wish to renew with a club.

My card is lost or stolen, how do I obtain a replacement?

If your membership card is lost or stolen then please contact the membership department 0151 350 6201 and they will re-issue a replacement free of charge.

What do the ‘Comments’ mean on the Renewal Summary sheet?

This is to indicate when a member is Due, Over Due or Final Reminder it also indicates those who are paying by Direct Debit.

I have not received renewal forms for some of the members listed, why?

You will only receive a renewal form for those members showing as Due as those who are showing as Overdue and Final Reminder have previously been sent a renewal form.

How do I subscribe to iSCUBA?

You can subscribe to iSCUBA by completing the online registration form

Do I get a reduced membership rate if I opt to receive the electronic version of SCUBA (BSAC's official magazine)?

No the membership rate remains the same.

Does the branch need to pay for branch stationery and promotional materials?

No the branch stationery and promotional materials are free to all BSAC clubs in order to help them promote their branch as well as the BSAC.