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Title Cape Wrath 2022
Region Nationwide UK
Date 27 Aug 2022 - 03 Sep 2022
Price £1160

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Information from local organiser

Cape Wrath Exped 2022

Vectis Expeditions in conjunction with support from Halton Charters are planning a one-week expedition to explore Cape Wrath in late August 2022 taking in some mid Atlantic waypoints enroute if the weather windows permit.

Target sites include a mix of scenic pinnacles and reefs including North Shoal, Sule Stack, Nun Rock, Kyle of Tongue and of course Cape Wrath itself.  The north coast is an under explored treasure trove of cuts, geos and unexplored islands with rich underwater wildlife in clear waters.  It also has a collection of wrecks that are rarely dived such as MV Manina, HMT Vulture, FV Briardene and SS Ashbury and there is always the possibility of stumbling across a new previously unknown wreck on some of these scenic sites given their remoteness.

We also intend to support BSAC Operation Oyster ( ) in its search for remnant populations of native flat oysters allowing divers to grow their knowledge in a Citizen Science program.

The northwest coast of Scotland has become popular for road trips given its stunning scenery and visiting the area on the UK’s premier diving liveaboard will give us a different perspective including mooring off-grid in some of its famous Lochs.

This expedition is also a great opportunity for Dive Leaders to extend their experience and complete both theory and practical training in person for BSAC Advanced Diver or as we think of it ‘Expedition Diver’.


Saturday 27th August –  Travel to Stromness and RV with MV Clasina PM.

Sunday 28th  – Shakedown dive in Scapa Flow before departing the flow (just in case there are any last minute kit emergencies)

Monday 29th August-Friday 2nd Sep – Friday Expedition Diving from Cape Wrath

Saturday 3rd September – Depart Boat Early morning


Pre-requisite qualifications

Current BSAC members (with in-date self-declaration medical / diving medical). Minimum diving grade of BSAC Dive Leader or equivalent (including diver rescue skills). Capable of launching a DSMB confidently and competently from midwater unaided.

Dive Platform

The expedition vessel MV Clasina with Halton Charters.  Live aboard with 6 cabins for 12 divers. Gas fills (Air and Nitrox), drying room, large kitting up benches, Galley/Lounge, 2x toilet/showers and laundry facilities on board.


For diving, onboard accommodation, air fills (Nitrox extra) and Food: £1,160 per diver. Deposit: £279 Terms and conditions apply.

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