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Northern Europe

15th Jan 13 Belgium - Nemo, Brussels by Fay Wilde Nemo does have some quirks and hopefully the following pointers will help anyone thinking of going there.<br>

3rd Mar 14 Belgium - Nemo 33 - Brussels (update!) by Faye Wilde Just got back from our annual club trip to Nemo 33 - another great weekend, but a few more things to note, that I thought might be helpful to share for anyone else planning a visit, so here's a bit of an update.

1st Jul 05 France - France - Arcachon, Bordeaux by France - Arcachon, Bordeaux The first problem with diving in the Bordeaux area was finding someone who offered diving.

1st Jul 05 France - France - Normandy by Liveaboard "White Horse by Hunka I had been looking forward to this trip for some time not least because it was to be my first liveaboard experience...

1st Jul 03 France - France - The D Day Landing Beaches and Wrecks by Steve Chaplin The D-Day landings of June 6th 1944 are pretty well known to most people.

1st Jul 03 France - France - Normandy & the D Day wrecks by Chris Ingham On the sixth of June 1944 the largest sea borne assault in history was launched against the Normandy beaches.

1st Jan 03 France - Ice diving in Tignes by Kingston BSAC Straight after New Year I normally look for a cheap skiing holiday to somewhere in Europe that has snow!

31st Jan 10 France - Diving Dieppe with Channel Divers by Steve Johnson If you have never dived from Dieppe before, then seriously think about it. Here are a few of the wrecks that we dive

1st Jan 04 Germany - Germany - Baltic Adventure by Jon Gunns The Baltic may not be on everyone?s list of top diving locations but the easing of tensions between East and West in the 1990s.

26th Feb 16 Germany - Diving an old iron mine Kleinenbremen, Germany by Brenda de Vries 2 weeks ago I was lucky to dive an old mine in Germany near Kleinenbremen.

1st Jun 07 Ireland - Ireland - Dublin - A Rocking Weekend by Bill Quinn U2 were playing a series of gigs in Dublin. I was lucky enough to get tickets for their first gig on Friday the 24th of June.

1st Jul 02 Ireland - Ireland - Killarney & The Skelligs by Nick Parsons Have you ever wondered which is the longest ferry journey in the British Isles? The Totnes BSAC explorers club can tell you!

1st Oct 02 Ireland - Ireland - From Baltimore to Killary Fjord by Derek Brownjohn October in Ireland, a time of year when the rugged coastline of the Emerald Isle is traditionally rainlashed and windswept.

19th Jul 09 Norway - Dive Norway 2009 aboard the ‘Jane R’ by Bill Larnach We flew to Bergen and met up with the 'Jane R’, and her skipper Gordon Wadsworth at around midnight - it was still light!

1st Jun 03 Norway - Norway - Cruising to Spitzergen by Andy Watts Kay and Andy Watts went to Spitzbergen in June 2003.

1st Oct 06 Norway - Norway - A Long Weekend's Diving in Norway by Richard Booth Gulen is a remote area of fjords and hills situated north of Bergen on the West coast of Norway.

1st Jun 07 Norway - Norway - Out of Bergen on Gaelic Rose by Alan Ewart For me, like many others, a trip to spend a week wreck diving in the cool clear water of the Norwegian Fjords

1st Jul 07 Norway - Norway - An Introduction to Diving Norway by Steve Parry Over the last few years there has been consistently good feedback regarding the quality of diving in Norway.

4th Oct 10 Russia - Russia, Republic of Kareliya with Arctic Circle Diving Centre by Pavel Shamanov I travelled there from Moscow by train which provides a direct train service from capital of Russia to the city located on the Barencovo Sea – Murmansk.

1st Jan 04 Ukraine - Ukraine - Ukraine - Diving the Crimea by Neil Richardson I visited here in 2006, at that time I could only locate one scuba diving shop, in a rundown out of the way area in kiev.


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