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Australasia / Pacific

1st Oct 03 Australia - Australia - The Rowley Shoals by Sophie Rennie Where to this time! The Rowley Shoals - 180 miles due west of Broome (24 hours by boat), GMT +8 hours

1st Feb 05 Australia - Australia - Byron Bay, New South Wales by Catherine Corcoran Where to this time! The Rowley Shoals - 180 miles due west of Broome (24 hours by boat), GMT +8 hours.

1st Jun 07 Australia - Australia - Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef by Eddie Clamp Heron Island is a true coral cay located right on the Great Barrier Reef.

1st Apr 05 Australia - Australia - Wilson's Prom, Victoria by Neil Richardson This was to be my first ever trip to Wilsons promitory, Victoria, Australia.

1st Apr 06 Australia - Australia - Terrigal Haven,New South Wales by Gavin Scott Although I am currently an active BSAC Sports Diver it was actually the prospect of a trip to Australia

30th Mar 11 Australia - Diving Navy Pier, Exmouth with Ningaloo Reef Dreaming by Eddie Clamp Having a day off from my diving around Ningaloo reef while on a recent holiday in Oz I strolled into the commercial centre of Exmouth town and came across a dive shop which advertised a dive on Navy Pier

5th Apr 11 Australia - Ningaloo diving with Exmouth Diving Centre & MV Sea Zone by Eddie Clamp It was a Leopard Shark. ‘Bring it on’ I thought, what a great start to my ten days diving around the Ningaloo reef located adjacent to the town of Exmouth, Western Australia.

30th Mar 09 Australia - Fish Rock Trip by Sarah Speight I had heard of Fish Rock a few times from various divers when I had mentioned I was interested in Grey Nurse Sharks.

3rd Jul 11 Australia - Great Barrier Reef on Liveaboard Taka by Chris Prior In May 2011, my wife and I spent four weeks in Australia and, as we are both keen novice divers, spending a few days diving on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) was a ‘must do’ on our holiday list.

15th Aug 13 Australia - Great Barrier Reef (August 2013) by Andrew Rawlingson We're just back from a 7 day liveaboard on the Great Barrier Reef. The boat was Spoilsport run by Mike Ball Dive Adventures out of Cairns.

4th May 09 Australia - Merimbula & Eden - Easter Weekend by Tom Dragon We headed down to Eden over Easter 2009 from Melbourne, Victoria. Eden is approximately a 7 hour drive from Melbourne and an hour drive from Sydney.

28th Jul 12 Australia - Great White Shark Cage Diving by David Cowan Great White Sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) are frequently seen in the southern waters of Australia particularly around offshore islands where large seal & sea lion populations are present or where commercial fishing is carried out

11th Mar 08 Australia - Mount Gambier - South Australia by Neil Richardson A number of Bass Strait Aquatic Club are also cave divers and occasionally arrange weekends up in Mt Gambier diving the caves.

25th Jan 10 Australia - South Australia – Giant Australian Cuttlefish Mating by David Cowan Giant Australian Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) gather in large numbers to mate in upper Spencer Gulf near the city of Whyalla in South Australia every year during the Australian winter.

1st Feb 03 Cook Islands - Cook Islands - Raratonga Trip Report, Cook Islands by Richard Scarsbrook Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. It lies about 20?

1st Apr 06 Cook Islands - Cook Islands - Raratonga, Cook Islands by Mans Davies We are a family of four, Mum, Dad ? Jen&Mans - and two boys ?Tom, 17, and Mat 13. Tom and I (dad) dive fairly regularly

18th Sep 09 Fiji - Beqa, Fiji September 2009 by Sarah Speight I headed with five friends to Beqa Lagoon, Fiji in September this year. Beqa (pronounced 'Benga') Island is about 12 kilometres to the south of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji

1st Dec 04 Fiji - Fiji - Crusoe's Retreat by Catherine Corcoran If you want a long reef to yourselves with plenty of dive sites, loads of tropical fish and coral as well as sharks, turtles, drift diving and/or easy snorkelling, this is the resort for you.

1st Jun 07 French Polynesia - French Polynesia - Bora Bora - Paradise Revisited by Eddie Clamp Sue and I were looking forward to a trip that had nothing to do with diving.

1st Dec 02 Marshall Islands - Marshall Islands - Bikini Atoll by Gordon Mackie For many years, Doug McEwan of EDC and I mused on the possibility of diving Bikini Atoll.

1st Mar 04 Marshall Islands - Marshall Islands - Bikini Atoll by Steve Chaplin Some people might feel that spending 4 days travelling to an obscure atoll bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an absolute nightmare - to me it was the trip of a lifetime.

26th Apr 11 Micronesia - Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon - April 2011 by Angela Robson I had my second trip to Truk Lagoon after a two year absence. A few changes have been noted, both topside and underwater

27th Sep 08 Micronesia - Diving Micronesia, Chuuk, Yap and Palau by Dave & Pauline Martin Our 3 week trip started with a flight from Birmingham to Dubai with Emirates. We were lucky to have fought for the retention of the extra 10k baggage allowance (through the good offices of Holly at Maldives Scuba Tours) which was very much needed. A few hours to catch our breath and then on to Manila where we had a night and day before we flew on so we spent the day on an organised trip around the City which was very reasonably priced and worthwhile. Next stop Guam and then on to Chuuk, our first dive destination where we were to stay for 3.5 days.

1st Apr 04 Micronesia - Micronesia - Guam by Nevil Adkins An island about the size of the Isle of Wight, Guam lies fourteen degrees north of the equator and 144 degrees east of Greenwich

23rd Dec 04 Micronesia - Pohnpei by Neil Richardson So, what can I say about the Hotel? Well, the rooms are lovely, although you do get plenty of spiders around, and the hotel setting is amazing, with the food of a high standard. There is a hotel beach, but its about 10m2 in total, so…

1st Apr 03 Micronesia - Micronesia - Truk Lagoon on Thorfinn by South China Dive Club It's been a number of years since SCDC has visited Truk in force, although there has been the occasional individual visit.

27th Jul 08 Micronesia - A Trip to Truk Lagoon by Matt Outram Options: Land-based or liveaboard. Livaboard is about twice the price. Odyssey provided a lot of information by email before we went. Ultimately they said to go land based as the diving in week 2 and onwards would be the same as that in week 1.

15th Jan 10 New Zealand - New Zealand - Milford Sound, White Island and the Poor Knights by Ben Jaffey This trip report concentrates on helping BSAC club divers pick the right dive operator in New Zealand. It is written for those divers that prefer to dive as independent buddy pairs, doing adventurous diving without being guided/herded around in the water.

1st Apr 05 New Zealand - New Zealand - Alderman Islands by Catherine Corcoran I have done day trips diving the Aldermans before, but we had a great club weekend trip there in April 05.

1st Mar 03 New Zealand - New Zealand - An Extended Trip to New Zealand by Richard Scarsbrook My wife Jen and I spent five weeks in New Zealand in February and March 2002, and seven weeks in February and March 2003.

1st Mar 05 New Zealand - New Zealand - New Zealand and Rarotonga Update 2005 by Richard Scarsbrook Jen and I spent a week in Rarotonga and seven weeks in New Zealand in February and March 2005.

1st Mar 06 New Zealand - New Zealand - New Zealand and Rarotonga Update 2006 by Richard Scarsbrook Jen and I spent a week in Rarotonga and seven weeks in New Zealand in February and March 2006

1st Apr 04 New Zealand - New Zealand - Visiting New Zealand in 2004 by Mike Halligan On three occasions, I was fortunate to be shown round by Kiwi divers, people I now rate amongst my best friends.

1st Apr 07 New Zealand - New Zealand - Highlights From a 2 Week diving extravaganza by John Hopkins I had become mesmerised by its fluid-like behaviour, my eyes left the jellyfish and glanced up just in time to see out of the corner of my eye a number of flying objects.

1st Mar 05 New Zealand - New Zealand - White Island, by Catherine Corcoran Our dive club chartered the 46? launch ?Waverley?

1st Aug 05 New Zealand - New Zealand - Dive (and More!) New Zealand by Fiona Boorer If you think diving (or holidaying) is expensive in general, try paying for 5 people at a time!

4th Jul 09 New Zealand - New Zealand - Diving The Poor Knights by Jurgen Bowe The Poor Knights offer fantastic diving off the east coast of New Zealand.

25th Feb 10 New Zealand - New Zealand – a brief report by Katherine Flood Before we went, we booked our diving: a 3 day trip to the Poor Knights, a 2 day trip to White Island and Volkner Rocks, and 1 day in Milford Sound, Fiordland.

23rd Oct 09 New Zealand - Mikhail Lermontov on Sweet Georgia by Richard Day At the end of October a group of keen divers made their way from Melbourne and Sydney to New Zealand to explore the wreck of the Mikhail Lermontov (Lermi).

7th Nov 09 New Zealand - Queenstown, New Zealand with Dive Queenstown by Sarah Speight I recently went on what was supposed to be a non-diving holiday to the South Island in New Zealand. In one town we stayed, Queenstown, at I spotted a scuba diving leaflet

1st Apr 06 Papau New Guinea - PNG - Loloata Resort Island by Richard Booth Loloata is a private island resort situated in Bootless inlet, a few miles down the coast from Port Moresby, PNG's premier city.

1st Feb 02 Papau New Guinea - PNG - Eastern Fields Reef by Richard Booth There can be few places left in todays heavily populated and over developed World where true wilderness diving opportunities still exist.

1st Mar 02 Papau New Guinea - PNG - PNG on Paradise Sport by Steve Pearson It all started off suspiciously well. Myself and Trevor sitting on the flight to Cairns with the prerequisite amount of beer consumed looking forward to a good Ozzie breakfast in the morning.

1st Mar 02 Samoa - Samoa - Samoa by Richard Scarsbrook Samoa is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific.

10th May 08 Samoa - Aqua Samoa, Upolu Island, Independent Samoa 2008 by Catherine Corcoran I took my non diving husband to Samoa for his birthday in May 2008

1st Jul 05 Vanuatu - Vanuatu - Espiritu Santo by Catherine Corcoran This is a wreck diver's paradise. SS President Coolidge was a luxury 200 metre liner launched in 1931


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