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Indian Ocean / Africa

24th Dec 06 Comoros - Grand Comore by Neil Richardson I was to find myself, over Christmas 2006/7 island hopping around the Indian ocean, exploring many different islands, cultures and diving. None more so then Grand Comore. In a nutshell, this island is a last bastion of madness. To say this place is at the end of the world, is a great description.

1st Mar 03 France - Reunion by Sandra Castro decided that it would be fun to share with you all a great experience I had in March...........but Jon said I wasn?t allowed to tell you about that so instead, I've decided to tell you all about my trip to the Indian Ocean, courtesy of a Japanese Pharmaceutical company :-) <br>

23rd Apr 06 France - Reunion - the Last Bastion of the French Empire by Neil Richardson To say Reunion is a country, is wrong, to say it is one of the most actively volcanic islands in the world, is right, to say the place has a mosquito problem, is also right, to say this is the remotest part of Europe, would also be right. This small island just of Madagascar, and Mauritius is France.

2nd May 08 India - Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep, India by Jenny Fowler An island in an archipelago off the west coast of India...

1st Dec 03 India - India - The Andaman Islands by Gordon Mackie Situated 1000Km East of India in the Bay of Bengal, South of Burma and close to the coast of Thailand,

28th Feb 09 India - Andamans liveaboard diving by Maria Harwood I first heard about diving in the Andamans over 10 years ago, and vowed to dive there some day.

1st Apr 00 Kenya - Kenya by Kenya I've been to Kenya 3 times, although only once as a qualified diver.

1st Jul 02 Malawi - Malawi by Lucy Kublikowski Lake Malawi, runs almost the entire length of yes, you guessed it - Malawi!

1st Aug 07 Maldives - Maldives - Eriyadu, Male Atoll by Steve Parry This trip was to relax and unwind having just spent a week on a liveaboard.

31st Jan 09 Maldives - Gan Island, Addu Atoll, by Eddie & Sue Clamp So! It came to pass during 2009 that Sue and I were off on another Atoll Explorer itinerary. Sue didn’t fancy flying for just a week so the suggestion came, from I know not where, that it would be nice to fit in a visit to Gan. It would even include a crossing of the Equator as the island is situated at most southern extreme of the Maldive islands. What a good idea we both thought.<br> <br>

8th Oct 10 Maldives - Helengeli (Maldives) and Kerala (India) by Dave Martin Our trip this autumn was split between 8 days on Helengeli in the North Male atol of the Maldives and 6 days cruising the Backwaters of Kerala in southern India.

16th Apr 14 Maldives - Blue O Two - Best of Southern Atolls April 2014 - 10 days -Blue Honors Legacy by Don Carless 13 guests on board the boat, which has space for 18 and as the only single I was assigned my own cabin and mostly had my own guide. Great luck and awesome service!!

3rd May 14 Maldives - Southern Maldivian Atolls on MY Blue Honors Legacy. April/May 2014 by Eddie Clamp Blue O2 were offering a 10 day Southern Atoll, Maldives itinerary at a reasonable cost together with either a 5% loyalty or BSAC discount.

1st Jul 04 Maldives - Maldives - Liveaboard Sea Queen by Iain Paul Having holidayed in the Red Sea for 4 years, I decided that 2004 would be different.

1st Apr 03 Maldives - Maldives - Liveaboard Rani by Jeanette Shurrock and Mike Sheldon My lasting memory of the whole trip is being surrounded by miles and miles of still clear blue sea

1st Jul 02 Maldives - Maldives - Liveaboard Keema by Derek Dear Our first dive in this years Club trip to the Maldives, we are diving off the MV.Keema.

1st Aug 07 Maldives - Maldives - MV Sharifa, Male & Ari Atolls by Steve Parry We have visited the Maldives on several occasions. Previous trips were to island based resorts/dive centres.

1st Jul 02 Maldives - Maldives - Maldives Hilton Resort by Lucy Kublikowski It doesn't sound quite right, 'The Hilton' in the Maldives, it conjures up an image of a big solid hotel balanced on a tiny coral island.

1st Jun 05 Maldives - Maldives - Sun Island Resort by John Kirk Must report on 2 glorious weeks of sun, sea and diving.

1st Jun 04 Maldives - Maldives - Kuredu Island by John Kirk OK - the annual long haul jaunt took us to Kuredu island in the Maldives.

9th Apr 08 Maldives - Maldives - Maldives on Nautilus II by Sarah Lee This was our second trip to the Maldives, having first visited not so long ago in December 07

31st Mar 13 Maldives - Best of Maldives itinerary on MY Anastasia March 2013 with Scuba Travel by Tom Battell Staying on Maldivian island resorts and using the day boats we had never seen a whaleshark. The best opportunity we were assured was to go on a liveaboard where they sail further out and can track sightings. So liveaboard it is then…

26th Apr 14 Maldives - Maldives on MY Yasawa Princess by Glynis Jones Diving the Maldives while cruising around the islands - it certainly is different.

11th Mar 08 Maldives - Fihalhohi Resort by Beverley and Colin Carruthers My husband and I, had promised ourselves that we would go to the Maldives one day. We had been to Sharm el Sheikh where I had an introductory Dive, and I got hooked on diving. He is BSAC trained, and insisted I went down that training route, so when we got home I joined my local Flintshire club and got myself qualified.

10th Sep 12 Maldives - Maldives on MY Orion with Scuba Travel by Eddie Clamp September - school holidays over, time to go diving as destinations start to get a little cheaper. Red Sea – as always the easy option but what is this going on in the Maldives?

19th Jan 14 Maldives - Sea Spirit, Central Atolls, Maldives Jan 2014 by Faye Wilde Took my first trip to the Maldives last week and wasn't disappointed! It was by far the best weeks diving I have done to date and can thoroughly recommend this boat and itinerary.<br>

25th May 14 Maldives - MV Virgo - Best of the Maldives 18 - 25th May 2014 by Mark Weaver Over the last few years having dived in a variety of places across the globe from the Philippines to the Dutch Caribbean we kept meeting people who asked if we had ever dived in the Maldives and the kept on going on about how we should go and how good it was

16th Feb 15 Maldives - Maldives on MV Yasawa Princess by Eddie & Sue Clamp Wife Sue and I really enjoyed our two previous Maldivian holidays on MV Atoll Explorer. Sadly she is no longer with us as a cruise ship so we began to search for other options. Then one day our friend Glynis sent us a report on a trip she had done on MV Yasawa Princess

1st Jul 04 Maldives - Maldives - Meerufenfushi by Stuart J Wall It was my first visit to the Maldives and we selected Meerufenfushi or ?Meeru?, as it is commonly know for our family holiday in July 2004.

1st Feb 05 Maldives - Maldives - Meerufenfushi After the Tsunami by Brian Rayner This write-up is basically an up-date to Stuart Walls very detailed report a few months ago on Meeru, and more importantly since the tsunami.

1st Feb 08 Maldives - Maldives - Maldives on Atoll Explorer (Northern Ari Atoll Itinerary) by Eddie & Sue Clamp Lately I have had enough time on my hands to be able to write up some dive trips for the BSAC Travel section.

23rd Jan 09 Maldives - Maldives on Atoll Explorer (South Ari Atoll Itinerary) by Eddie & Sue Clamp Continuing our Maldivian investigations, as directed by Allie Boler, Sue and I were determined to return to the Atoll Explorer to continue our travels in the Ari Atoll. Having done the North Ari Atoll itinerary the previous year (click here to view our trip report), we booked up via Cosmos for a further week on the boat and a week on Gan Island, Addu Atoll (subject of another report).

1st Apr 06 Maldives - Maldives - Angaga Island, Ari Atoll by Steve and Jeanette Parry Regal Diving. We booked quite late but Regal were able to work some magic and made sure we were able to get to the Maldives during the school holidays at Easter 2006.

1st Dec 05 Maldives - Maldives - MV Sea Queen by Alan Coley My wife (Lindsay), 17 year old daughter (Clare) and I had a two week diving opportunity from December 11th to December 24th 2005.

1st May 01 Maldives - Maldives - Thudufushi by Trevor Thorpe I visited the isle of Thudufushi in the North Male Atoll, Maldives in May.

1st Jul 04 Maldives - Maldives - Velavaru by Stuart J Wall After spending our first week in Meeru were we really ready for the early start that lay ahead of us

1st Apr 02 Mauritius - Mauritius - Mauritius Dive Diary by Derek Dear Mauritius is difficult to find on a map, as it is a tiny group of tropical islands of volcanic origin

1st Mar 07 Mauritius - Mauritius - The Indian Ocean's Hidden Gem by Brian Rayner I'd always wondered about this destination, but never really considered it for a diving holiday mainly for two reasons:

11th Aug 10 Mozambique - Mozambique - Remote Diving at Pomene with The Lodge by Dr Cain Hunt We chose to travel overland through the Kruger Safari Park all the way to the Lodge and then flew back from Inhambane on the way back<br>

14th Nov 09 Mozambique - Mozambique – Tofo with Diversity Scuba by Dave and Pauline Martin For 2 weeks in mid November 2009 we organized our latest dive trip, to Tofo in Mozambique. The route involved travelling to Johannesburg in South Africa with Emirates and then on to Inhambane in Mozambique

29th Jan 16 Mozambique - Tofo, Mozambique - January 2016 with Oonasdivers & Tofo Scuba by Faye Wilde If you like somewhere a bit off the beaten track, have a sense of adventure and don't mind working a bit for your dives, you will absolutely love this place

1st Nov 05 Seychelles - Seychelles - Mahe to Aldabra by Tim Digger Indian Ocean Explorer (IOE), one of the few boats visiting the Outer Islands

2nd Apr 05 Seychelles - Seychelles Trip Report April 2005 by Andrew & Sibylle Moss Anyway, 2 hours after arriving we decided we wanted to go diving. So much for a relaxing start to the holiday!

1st Nov 00 South Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa Tour by Peter Fielding Planning for our holiday to South Africa started 2 years ago when Reon, who runs Dive South ( visited our BSAC club

1st Nov 02 South Africa - Southern Africa - Sharks, seals, surf and Dive South by Monty Halls It is invariably a nerve wracking experience placing yourself in the hands of someone else for the duration of a dive expedition.

1st Dec 02 South Africa - South Africa - Mozambique & Protea Banks by Lucy Kublikowski How did I get here?! I'm 25 metres down, its cold, dark and the vis is terrible. If that wasn't enough,

1st Dec 06 South Africa - Southern Africa - Mozambique & Kruger National Park by Kathy Moore After 2 years of planning we were on our way to our African dream, scuba diving in Mozambique followed by Safari in Kruger National Park.

1st Dec 00 South Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa & Mozambique by David S Dixon Once through customs on arrival at Johannesburg after a good, but slightly delayed flight on Virgin Atlantic,

1st Feb 03 South Africa - Southern Africa - White sharks & Vin Rouge by Dean Heatley With over 20 years experience behind us our group of six divers set out for two weeks to South Africa to sample cage diving with Great Whites,

1st Jul 01 South Africa - Southern Africa - South African Diary by Robert Mackenzie I'd decided that I wanted to do some cage diving with Great White Sharks. Two obvious places are South Africa and Australia.

1st Apr 06 South Africa - South Africa - Diving with Great White Sharks in Cape Town by Alison Boler I would guess that most people of cinema going age in the last 30 years would admit to a fascination with the Great White Shark

1st Dec 01 Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka - Beruwela by Trevor Thorpe I visited Beruwela in Sri Lanka on a 2 week all-inclusive holiday in December.

1st Jan 05 Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka - Diving Sri Lanka: After the Tsunami by Martin O'Carroll My original intention in November 2004 was to have a diving holiday in Hurgada

1st Apr 03 Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka: Diving Paradise or Disappointment by Stuart Wilson "Stop the boat !...stop the boat !" went up the cry from our skipper Eddy.

11th Feb 09 Tanzania - Pemba Island, Tanzania by Kathy Moore After a fantastic holiday in Mozambique in 2006, we decided it was time to return to Africa.

1st Oct 07 Tanzania - Tanzania - Mafia Island by Paul Giess Despite its name Mafia Island is not in Southern Italy.

1st May 08 Tanzania - Tanzania - Pemba Island by Richard Booth Pemba Island lays some 60 kms off the Tanzania coastline out in the rich blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

1st Feb 07 Tanzania - Tanzania - Diving Pemba Under Sail by Dave Martin My wife and I have recently returned from a weeks diving around Pemba in the Zanzibar islands,

1st Dec 02 Zanzibar - Zanzibar - Nungwi by Lucy Kublikowski A beach resort on the north western most point of the island, with idyllic white sandy beaches and comfortable beach bungalow accommodation


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