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Middle East

1st Nov 03 Djibouti - Djibouti - Size matters by Alison Wilcock & David Fenn .......well it does to me - at 5'2" and with over 600 logged dives, I am becoming increasingly obsessed with fish that are bigger than me

4th Feb 11 Djibouti - Djibouti with the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles & Megaptera by Lucy Gower If I had £1 for everyone that asked me where Djibouti was I would have approx £117. Djibouti is in North East Africa between Ethiopia and Somalia. It is now predominately a port hub with a large population of transient military personnel from a wide range of countries.

8th Apr 10 Djibouti - Moucha Island with Lagon Bleu by Ema Puelma Ever thought about Djibouti? About 8 hours away from Europe, come and discover what locals call "The Land of Gods"!

1st Sep 07 Egypt - Egypt - Diving Alexandria by Hilary Howarth We flew with BA Connect which seems to have now changed it's name as I can't now find it on the web.Just found flights to Alex on Dial-a-Flight, direct for around £400.

24th Jan 14 Egypt - Best of Brothers on MY Blue Fin with Blue O Two. January 2014 by Eddie Clamp Having never been on a Blue 0 Two boat the opportunity to go to the Brothers Islands, Red Sea at a reasonable price and with a 5% BSAC discount to boot it seemed too good to turn down.

24th Nov 13 Egypt - Grand Sea Serpent diving the Simply the Best itinerary by Paul Shill Just back from an awesome week in the Red Sea doing the Simply the Best Itinerary on the Grand Sea Serpent and thought I would write a trip report for anyone interested.

11th May 14 Egypt - Project shark: STB itinerary on MY Blue Horizon. May 2014 by Paul Mason Daedalus... a lighthouse atop a small rock atop a large reef some 80 kilometres off shore has always been firmly on my dive bucket list.

2nd Dec 16 Egypt - Brothers, Daedalus and Safaga on MY Emperor Elite with Regaldive by Eddie Clamp I just love going to the Red Sea before Christmas. Such a short flight and one is in warm weather and invariably with calm, blue seas.

18th Dec 09 Egypt - Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone (BDE) on MY Blue Pearl by Eddie Clamp Steely eyed Eddie sits and waits. His task is a last minute holiday to the Red Sea. He can afford to wait till the last moment, can’t he??

27th May 12 Egypt - Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone (BDE) with MY Sea Serpent and Scuba Travel by Eddie Clamp With four years yet to run on my passport and one free page left. I just had to go somewhere to fill it up. Where else would it be than the Red Sea and my favourite itinerary BDE was available, if not as a cheapie but at a reasonable price with Scuba Travel.

1st Jun 06 Egypt - Egypt - A Shore Diver's Dream by Brian Rayner After several years of keeping this destination on the back burner decided to go and see what all the fuss was about

1st Mar 04 Egypt - Egypt - A Different Side to Dahab by Robert McClure I suppose for many, the prospect of my taking a gap year might have provoked cries of "get a job you lazy sod" and "don't be so irresponsible".

30th Apr 08 Egypt - Dahab 1990, 2004 & 2008. Then & Now. by Eddie Clamp I have to admit to having a soft spot for Dahab. I first went there during 1990 as Diving Officer of an Army expedition from Dhekelia, Cyprus. Dahab is where I, at last, had my first dive the Red Sea after a previous twenty years of diving elsewhere. I have a great fondness for the area.

4th Jul 11 Egypt - Dahab with Iberotel Dahabeya and the Sub Aqua Dive Centre by Matt V OK, the sites are really nice. I particularly recommend the "Canyon" and Gabr-el-Bint (the girl’s grave).

9th Apr 10 Egypt - Dahab with Sinai Divers by Dr Cain Hunt We chose the Hilton in Dahab because it had good facilities and the Sinai Divers centre in the hotel itself. We had a great time and would thoroughly recommend it.

16th Jul 08 Egypt - Deeper in Dahab by Darren Astles The problem with diving…mmm…no “problem” is not the right word. The “driving force” behind my diving is a genuine buzz, an almighty high from diving in places that give me those “Oh…my…god…” moments. Sheer vertical walls that rise above me or drop off below me, large wrecks and caverns, history sat there while I float around it completely and utterly mesmerised. It’s not an adrenaline rush, although I can certainly vouch for having a few, it’s actually a peacefulness…we each have our own reasons for it and I would digress so I’ll leave it there.

1st Jul 02 Egypt - Egypt - Deep South Egyptian Red Sea on Coral Queen by Iain Paul This was my second trip on the Coral Queen in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea area

1st Feb 02 Egypt - Egypt - On Valerie in the Red Sea by Jo Waters In the early hours of St Valentines Day, 12 survivors from the last Billericay SAC Red Sea trip set off for Gatwick with 3 warm water virgins.

1st Jun 07 Egypt - Egypt - A "Majestic" Expedition to the Deep South by Iain Paul Having had an excellent exploratory trip on "Emperor Fraser" in 2006 when intended arrangements on other boats fell through

1st Oct 02 Egypt - Egypt - Shore diving at Nuweiba by Jon Gunns My wife and I had the opportunity to leave the children home alone for a week and decided to take advantage of an early Autumn diving holiday.

1st Apr 04 Egypt - Egypt - Training the Kids at Nuweiba by Jon Gunns For some time it had been our ambition to train our daughters as sport divers.

1st Jul 07 Egypt - Egypt - Ras Mohammed & Nabq Dive Safari by Paul Giess At the far Southern tip of the Sinai, the desert peninsula of Ras Mohammed edges out into the Red Sea.

1st Oct 07 Egypt - Egypt - A Diamond of a Liveaboard, Northern Red Sea by Andy and Fiona Boorer Well, having said for the fourth time that we definitely would not be back to the Red Sea, we gave in?. again!

1st Mar 06 Egypt - Egypt - Camel Hotel and Dive Club, Rebreather Report, by Mark Davison I recently stayed at the Camel Hotel and Dive Club in Sharm El Sheik travelling with Tony Backhurst's Scuba Travel.

1st Jul 06 Egypt - Egypt - Breaking My Red Sea Duck by John Kirk I Finally managed to break my Red Sea diving duck by spending 2 weeks in Naama Bay.

1st Jan 04 Egypt - Egypt - Liveaboard Excel by Helen Ball When Steven asked me to write this article for the web site, I thought, what more can there to be said about Red Sea diving holidays that has not already been said?

1st Sep 04 Egypt - Egypt - Liveaboard Hurricane by Paul Leyland Having arrived at Gatwick the evening before, and managing to convince the hotel into giving me a complimentary bottle of wine, the trip started off extremely well!!!

1st Jun 06 Egypt - Egypt - Liveaboard Hurricane by Mark Willoughby Sharm on a day boat 2005, my buddy, Ken, looked to me and said, "Ever fancied a live aboard"?

1st Jan 06 Egypt - Egypt - Diving With Sharks, Liveaboard Grand Sea Serpent by Tom Battell Did you know that the Oceanic White Tip is the 4th most dangerous shark known to man? No, well nor did we when we joined the liveaboard trip to the Brothers in the Southern Red Sea last January!

1st Apr 07 Egypt - Egypt- Sharm Day Dream - A Customer Service Test by Alison Boler I don't suppose it's that normal to try and organise a single day's diving at Ras Mohammed when you are only going to be in Sharm el Sheikh for a scant 10 hours.

1st Jul 07 Egypt - Egypt - Diving with Dive Tribe by Sarah Lee El Gouna is a self contained, purpose built resort about 22 km north of Hurghada.

29th Jun 13 Egypt - El Gouna. Egypt (but not as we know it) with Emperor divers by Paul Mason It is without doubt a stunning place to look at but then it didn't evolve naturally over hundreds or thousands of years it was designed.

7th Dec 15 Egypt - The Clampies go to El Gouna with Regaldive and Emperor Divers by Eddie Clamp Getting some diving in just before Christmas is an enjoyable experience for me, especially if it is a liveaboard

6th Jul 12 Egypt - “Back to Basics” but with the luxuries thrown in - Roots Luxury Camp, Abu Sauatir, El Quseir, Egypt by Tom Battell In short a “back to the good old days of quality diving” experience without crowds above or below water but combined with the essentials of comfortable surroundings, good company and simple food.

28th Nov 12 Egypt - Elphinstone, Daedalus, Rocky & Zabargad on MY Blue Pearl by Eddie Clamp I love Daedalus reef. To me it is one the most iconic dive sites in the world. A pristine reef surrounded by blue sea complete with the lighthouse which dominates all. A close second to this is Sanganeb lighthouse off Sudan.

1st Mar 07 Egypt - Egypt - Zabargad by Eddie Clamp We flew to Marsa Alam from Gatwick and return via Thompson Airways.

26th Apr 13 Egypt - Lahami Bay Beach Resort Hotel with Barakuda Diving by Don Carless To the diving; next day to the Barakuda dive shop, very well laid out. Slick sign in; evidence by log book, sight of insurance and dive computer.

1st Sep 03 Egypt - Egypt - Hurghada - boat diving by Jon Gunns I was very fortunate to win the 2003 BSAC Travel Club report writing competition.

1st Apr 07 Egypt - Egypt - Hurghada Return to Easy Divers by Teresa Edmonston Three years ago I made a trip to Hurghada with my family and was lucky enough to dive with Easy Divers (Oxygene).

1st Jul 07 Egypt - Egypt - Hurghada Dreaming Down the Nile by Andy and Fiona Boorer Just for a change, we decided to take a boat (MY Dreams, the baby of the Sea Serpent Fleet, still arranged through Tony Backhurst) operating from Hurghada.

12th Dec 08 Egypt - Aquarius Dive Centre Marriott Hotel Hurgharda, Egypt by Mark Davison In Dec 08 I visited the Marriot Hotel in Hurgharda, with my fiancée who is a recently qualified diver. We planned to do 5 days diving during our stay and saw that the hotel had its own diver operator on site.

27th Jan 12 Egypt - Bude’s 2012 Trip to Hurgada by Andy Squirrell After last year’s totally trouble free trip to Turkey we were hopeful of the same for 2012 and we wouldn’t see a repeat of the troubles

17th Jun 07 Egypt - M.Y. Hurricane doing ‘Simply The Best’ through Tony Backhurst by Peter Draper Friday am flight with Astreus. Easy check in, paid £30 for extra leg room seats which aren't available in advance.

1st Aug 03 Egypt - Egypt - Direct to Marsa Alam by Veronique Heyes What bliss to find out that Excel Airways had added a weekly charter to Marsa Alam airport from Gatwick!

1st Apr 06 Egypt - Egypt - Marsa Alam, April 2006 by Alan Taylor MARSA ALAM Some 265km south of the better known town of HURGHADA, on the Red Sea/Arabian Desert coast can be found the small, at the moment fishing harbour, of Marsa Alam.

1st May 07 Egypt - Egypt - Marsa Alam, Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone by Eddie Clamp I flew from Gatwick to Marsa Alam on Astraeus Airlines and returned via Euro Atlantic Airlines. Both flights were acceptable, if cramped.

15th Aug 08 Egypt - Marsa Alam - Land Based Diving by Tony Baskeyfield The recent opening of Mara Alam Airport has opened up the Southern Red Sea to divers. Once one of the most difficult corners of Egypt to access is now a direct flight from UK

21st Dec 08 Egypt - Coraya Divers Marsa Alam by Beverley Curruthers Colin and I thought we'd like a change from Sharm, so having done my usual research I decided to book two weeks in Marsa Alam. The hotel we chose was the Iberotel Lamaya, which had a dive centre on site. I e-mailed the centre Coraya Divers, and pre-booked a 10 dive package.

17th Dec 08 Egypt - Liveaboard Blue Pearl, “Date with a Dugong”, December 2008 by Eddie Clamp “Who wants to snorkel with the dugong?” was the cry from Pia our Bavarian dive guide as Blue Pearl entered the bay at Umm Rus near Marsa Alam on the very last day of our week’s Red Sea holiday aboard MY Blue Pearl.

12th Feb 10 Egypt - Marsa Alam with Emperor Divers by Darren Astles We wanted a cost-effective (that will probably be Egypt then) week of diving that would suit the family, youngest ten years old, grandparents and the two of us plus our eldest Lauren.

28th Jun 14 Egypt - Marsa Nakari - the perfect chill out by Faye Wilde I had a great time at Marsa Shagra 3 years ago and loved the whole tent on the beach and unlimited house reef diving idea, so I decided to go back and try the sister resort Marsa Nakari.

19th Sep 15 Egypt - Marsa Lahami and Marsa Nakari with Oonasdivers by Faye Wilde Just back from a fantastically chilled out week in the Red Sea Dive Villages. I had stayed at Marsa Shagra and Marsa Nakari before.

9th Aug 13 Egypt - Marsa Shagra by Aqua TDF Location: Marsa Shagra<br> Date: August 2013<br> Dive Centre: Red Sea Diving Safari<br> Red Sea Diving Safari - Marsa Alam <br>

1st Nov 07 Egypt - Egypt - Northern Wrecks & Reef, MV Bluefin by Mark Sutcliffe Not another red sea trip report I hear you cry. Well yes, I'm afraid, it's another one. But lets be honest - the red sea is one of those destinations where you can go back again and again, and you will have a completely different holiday each and every time.

15th Aug 08 Egypt - Wrecks and Reefs on MY Juliet - August 2008 by Eddie Clamp When sitting at home at my computer on a quiet Thursday morning an email arrived from Oonasdivers inviting me to go on MY Juliet, flying to Sharm on the very next Saturday at very competitive price.

28th Jan 11 Egypt - Hayah Clean up trip – Blue Melody Live-aboard, Northern Red Sea by Tom Battell Question: What do Red Sea dive operators do to attract custom in the January low season?

12th May 11 Egypt - Northern Wrecks and Reefs on MY Blue Pearl by Eddie Clamp Diving daily from a liveaboard is different from shore or day boat diving. Arriving onboard late or early you set up your dive gear on the dive deck. Are briefed on the safety aspects of the boat then comes dinner and sleep.

18th Sep 09 Egypt - Blue Horizon Northern Wrecks and Reefs September 2009 by Darren Astles Brilliant! One word to some up a week spent diving the Northern Red Sea wrecks and reefs aboard the Blue O Two Company’s flagship, Blue Horizon. I could just leave it there, tell you to go and try it for yourself and end this report right here

15th Mar 09 Egypt - Diving in Nuweiba by Beverley Carruthers Diving with Emperor in Nuweiba, Egypt

12th Apr 12 Egypt - Nuweiba with Emperor Divers by Nick Brooker This is shore diving, which can be described as "gentle" and "intermediate level". Our group from Cotswold 332 included an OD trainee, few Ocean Divers, a few Sports Divers and two DL/Instructors (myself being one).

1st Apr 07 Egypt - Egypt - Safaga Special by Alison Boler I have sadly come to the conclusion that really good customer service is becoming a bit of a rarity these days.

1st Apr 07 Egypt - Egypt - Safaga Craic by Frank D'Easaille I have just returned from a holiday in Safaga, Red Sea coast of Egypt.

7th Dec 09 Egypt - Red Sea Inspiration with Orca Divers by Andy Botten I had been looking to do a rebreather course for a little while and if I was to do one I wanted to do it with Tri-mix.

15th Aug 08 Egypt - Sinai Dive Club, Sharks Bay, Sharm el Sheikh by Beverley and Colin Carruthers We had booked a weeks holiday to Sharm El Sheikh. Having previously used the Sinai Dive Club

20th Nov 09 Egypt - BSAC Training event for Emperor Divers by Sophie Rennie Emperor requested my services for 10 days in November 2009 to run Advanced diver, Advanced Instructor course and exam, Boat Handling and Diver Cox.

25th Sep 12 Egypt - Sensatori Egypt Sept 2012 with Ocean College Dive Centre by Stewart Sanderson This time after lots of research, including some great help from folks on here, I finally chose the Sensatori resort in Sharm who reside on the reef called the Ras Ghamila

9th Jun 13 Egypt - Wrecks & Reefs on MY Mistral by Eddie Clamp Being retired and always on the lookout for a so called ‘Eddie Special’ last minute price holiday I fell for the call from Scuba Travel to join MY Mistral at a knockdown price. Thank goodness for understanding wives

1st May 04 Egypt - Egypt - Dive In at the Renaissance Golden View, Sharm el Sheikh by Alison Boler Where should we go for the end of May Half Term Holidays? We wanted to dive in good visibility.

1st Feb 05 Egypt - Egypt - Diving With The Emperor, Sharm el Sheikh by Alison Boler Where to go for a week's guaranteed first class diving during February half term holidays?

1st Feb 06 Egypt - Egypt - Sharm Revisited, by Richard Booth I last visited the Egyptian Red Sea in 1996. Up until that time I had enjoyed the good fortune of visiting this area on several previous occasions.

9th May 09 Egypt - Return to MY Juliet, Wrecks and Reefs - May 2009 (a prize winning trip) by Eddie Clamp Imagine the jubilation in the Clamp household when the news appeared on MY Juliet Facebook page that young Eddie’s name had been drawn with three others by Yasser Gouda, Juliet’s owner, for a free trip on his boat.

25th Oct 10 Egypt - Northern Red Sea on MY Juliet by Ross Ruddick "The Red Sea is a corridor of marvels - the happiest hours of my diving experience have been spent there"…. Jacques Cousteau. With this quote in mind, so began my first Red Sea visit to see how much this would ring true for me.

30th Nov 10 Egypt - Deep in the Red with PURE by Scott Laddiman November and snow forecast...! That is the time to surf the internet for a cheap deal into the sun! A very good deal was found for an all inclusive package to Sharm El Sheikh and was promptly booked!

30th Mar 14 Egypt - Short but sweet mini break to Sharm @ Camel Dive Club - March 2014 by Faye Wilde I had a wonderful break and would be happy to do another short break out there when I don't have the holiday for a longer visit - it is totally do-able.<br> <br>

7th Sep 14 Egypt - Wrecks and Reefs on MY Tempest. September 2014 by Eddie Clamp Having done two liveaboards, been to Gozo and the Azores so far this year I thought that I had better curtail my travels somewhat

19th Dec 12 Egypt - Southern Red Sea Tech diving on MY Tala by Alin Ardelean & Leigh Cunningham The dive to the Maiden took part in 2 groups. First group was the CCR group, Jaap, Jan, Randy and I. We started our descent at around 8 o'clock in the morning. We made a max depth of 120 - 126 meters and after reaching 25 minutes bottom time we started to ascend.

28th Dec 10 Egypt - St John’s Reef, Red Sea on MY Blue Seas by Eddie Clamp The itinerary was originally for Blue Pearl but for operational reasons we were reassigned to Blue Seas – no problem there. Bavarian Pia would be my dive guide for the third time – another welcome piece of news.

1st Feb 07 Egypt - Egypt - Taba, 2007 by Darren Astles Diving is becoming a catalyst for adventure and journeys both in the UK and abroad.

6th Dec 14 Egypt - Brothers Islands, Red Sea on MY Blue Planet One by Eddie Clamp I like to make a dive get away before Christmas and as the Red Sea is so close and so accessible that is where I usually end up.

1st Jun 05 Egypt - Egypt - Wadi Lahami by Wendy Male Several years ago when looking for our first Red Sea holiday I found the camp at Wadi Lahami and have always wanted to go there.

15th Dec 15 Egypt - Wadi Lahami & Marsa Shagra - Nov 2015 by Sharon Brown We decided we wanted a quieter break that would give Roddy a chance to take some photos without the need to dive with a group or follow a guide. Marsa Shagra is fantastic for this. However, we also fancied a return to the stunning Fury Shoals so we decided to combine the two locations in a 10 day trip.

1st Nov 00 Israel - Israel - Eilat by Trevor Thorpe It was November and I decided I would like to see what the diving in Israel was like so I went to my local travel agent and booked a 2 week holiday.

15th Jun 08 Israel - Diving The Caves, Eilat, Israel by Stephen Fenner I dived "the Caves" in South Eilat Israel recently. Fantastic dive which I would like to do again.

1st Jan 06 Jordan - Jordan - Diving in Aqaba by Chris Coates With a coastline of about 17 miles, there is not a great deal written about diving in Jordan apart from a few articles in various dive magazines over the last few years.

1st Apr 00 Jordan - Jordan - Diving with the Hashemites by Matt Mindham Surrounded by purple-hued mountains, whose colours appear to change through the day as the sun meanders across the clear blue sky

1st Jul 02 Lebanon - Lebanon - Diving in Beirut by Paula Fancini-Hooper My partner and I had heard on the grapevine that Beirut was the place to go for diving that was 'a bit different'.

1st Nov 09 Oman - Musandam - Sultanate of Oman with Extra Divers by Bob & Freda Ward The quality of the marine life was spectacular and some of the dives quite sensational

1st Apr 04 Oman - Oman - Musandam Magic by Neil Bedwin Do you remember Jacques Cousteau? He was the man that used to sail around in the Calypso diving in tropical blue water, looking at colourful fishes.

1st Jan 07 Oman - Oman - Musandam Peninsula by Sarah Lee and Ken Scott Flights were booked independently with Gulf Air as we currently live in Cyprus, Larnaca to Bahrain, Bahrain to Dubai.

1st Nov 03 Oman - Oman - Oman 2003 by Steve Dudley 'Dive Destinations 2003' says of Oman: "The country is still developing as a diving destination

1st Nov 06 Oman - Oman - Oman 2006 by Raj Mistry How about a trip to Oman?" said Dave after returning from a training event for the local club, Muscat Divers.

1st Oct 06 Oman - Oman - Nabucco Extra Divers by Eddie Clamp We travelled to Muscat via Bahrain from Gatwick and returned via Abu Dhabi on Gulf Air.

1st Jan 02 Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia - Dive Trip to Al Leath by Khaled Alwassia We meet at 18:00 hours in front of the Toyota workshop at the Jeddah Airport road and then turned to the Makkah - Madinah Highway.

9th May 15 Sudan - Sudan - (The plan can change at any time) by Don Carless Port Ghalib Egypt - South Sudan, close to the Eritrean border on Royal Evolution

29th May 09 Sudan - Diving in the Sudan on MY Royal Emperor by Terry Hooper Before I start to tell you about the diving there are a few things that you need to know before you consider a trip to the Sudan.<br> <br>

1st Oct 04 Sudan - Sudan - Sudan by liveaboard by Richard Scarsbrook The Sudanese Red Sea has long been on my 'must do' list. Our first attempt was in 1995 when Jen arranged a two-week TSAC club trip on the Colona IV.

1st Oct 07 Sudan - Sudan - Sudan on Royal Emperor by Eddie Clamp For reasons that will become obvious I have left my journey details to Sudan and back until the end of this write-up.

30th Nov 11 Sudan - Sudan 2011 on MY Royal Evolution with Scuba Travel by Eddie Clamp My last visit to Sudan was on Royal Emperor during 2007. Did I enjoy it – Yes. The trip was made memorable by having to stay for two nights in Cairo before flying on to Port Sudan. Would I go again - a resounding Yes

29th Jun 08 United Arab Emirates - Dubai and Fajirah by Neil Richardson In june / july 2008 I spent one month living and working in Dubai. With that I spent much time travelling around the UAE and trying to get out diving or at least meeting with the local dive clubs as much as I could.


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