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1st Aug 06 Canada - Canada - Diving Nanaimo by Rachel Adkins In August 1999 my husband and I (Nevil and Rachel Adkins), spent three weeks in Canada, firstly visiting friends in the Calgary area and then setting forth on our own to explore.

1st May 02 Canada - Canada, BC - Liveaboard trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands by John Gulliver The nutrient rich waters of British Columbia offer the world's best cold-water diving, according to the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

30th Sep 07 Canada - Canada – Vancouver Island by Richard & Jen Scarsbrook This is a report on a 17-day diving holiday on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada which my wife Jen and I took in September 2007.

1st May 05 Chile - Chile - Diving Chile by Crispin Coates With a coastline of 4,300 kilometres going from Peru down to Tierra del Fuego, and with a reputation of one the world's largest seafood exporters it is natural to think of Chile as a diving destination.

1st Oct 03 Costa Rica - Cocos Island - Cocos by Richard Booth Cocos Island is situated 300 miles out in the Eastern Pacific, off the coast of Costa Rica.

1st Apr 05 Costa Rica - Cocos Island - Cocos on Undersea Hunter by Sophie Rennie I joined 5 other intrepid (and now rather poor) divers from various locations round the UK

15th Sep 12 Costa Rica - Cocos on Wind Dancer Sept 12 by MantaJohn Just returned from a wonderful trip to Cocos. Other reports are so helpful in planning my own trips - I thought I would try to return the favour.

1st Oct 04 Costa Rica - Costa Rica by Mark Kendall From scenic, clear waters teeming with mantas, stingrays, dolphins, huge shoals of jacks and abundant eels and lobsters, to a UK style dip

3rd Oct 06 Galapagos - Trafford SAC Dive Galapagos on Mistral by Richard Scarsbrook Six members of Trafford Sub Aqua Club went on a liveaboard diving holiday to Galapagos in late October 2006

18th May 08 Galapagos - Galapagos on Sky Dancer by Dave Hayden I have just returned from a trip aboard Peter Hughes Sky Dancer (May 11th - 18th 2008). Wow what an adventure!

27th Jul 09 Galapagos - Galapagos on Deep Blue by Adair Ribeiro Jr The trip, with fifteen divers, was in one of the best, if not the best place for diving on the planet - The Galapagos!

26th Oct 05 Galapagos - Galapagos Trip Report October 2005 by Andrew & Sibylle Moss We booked the trip, a 10 day liveaboard on MV Deep Blue some 18 months before departure.

15th Feb 12 Galapagos - Weymouth and Portland SAC do the Galapagos with Scuba Travel by Suzie Ward The trip was booked approximately 1 year ago after 2 club members got talking about dream dive trips.

22nd Oct 13 Galapagos - Galapagos Islands - October 2013 by Alex Mills An awesome trip. Genuinely fabulous time and some fantastic diving. Not cheap, but thoroughly worth it.

1st Aug 00 Galapagos - Galapagos Islands - Galapagos Dive Trip by Steve Chaplin We had spent a while debating whether to take semi-drys or dry-suits.

1st Oct 06 Galapagos - Galapagos Islands - Galapagos on Sea Dancer by Mark Underwood Lindsay and I wanted to dive the Galapagos on the back of reading some amazing trip reports of encounters with Whaleshark.

1st Aug 04 Mexico - Mexico - Diving Cabo San Lucas by Alison Boler Cabo San Lucas is famous for many reasons: Jacques Cousteau raved about the diving; Ernest Hemingway loved the sport fishing;

27th May 13 Mexico - Playa del Carmen, Cozumel with the Tank Ha Dive Centre by Andy Phillips I've just returned from Playa del Carmen, I ended up diving with Tank-Ha Dive Centre in Playa.

21st Dec 13 Mexico - Riviera Maya - Mexico - Dec 2013 with Pro Dive Mexico by Scott Grant As we have just returned from Mexico I thought I would post up for some information for anyone who was thinking of going there.

1st Nov 00 Mexico - Mexico - Puerto Valarta by Trevor Thorpe When I got home to Derbyshire after my last scuba-diving holiday to Cuba, I immediately set about planning my next scuba diving holiday!!

7th Jun 13 Mexico - Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico on MY Sea Escape by Alex Mills Exercise Clarion Call was a Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Expedition which ran from 25 May to 7 Jun 2013. The aim of this trip was to tag endangered species of sharks, specifically Galapagos, Silky, Tiger and Silvertip sharks.

1st Aug 04 Mexico - Mexico - Whaling Away in Margaritaville! by Alison Boler The sun was an orange blaze falling into the Pacific Ocean behind the mountain range to the west.

1st Aug 01 United States - USA - Alaska- Dive Alaska by Tony Reed It's huge - it's big! Alaska is bigger than Britain, France, Italy and Spain combined.

1st Aug 00 United States - USA California- Monterey, N California by Dave Barratt Does the mention of California bring images of The Beach Boys, Baywatch and hot sunny days under palm trees?

1st Oct 04 United States - USA California- Diving Monterey by Toby Mottram The last weekend of October I had a spare Sunday in California before starting a busy week of meetings in the USA.

1st Apr 03 United States - USA California- The Great Escape by Charles Stirling Southern California offers a vast range of diving possibilities but not all of them are easily organised for a visitor on a quick trip.

21st May 08 United States - La Jolla Shores, San Diego, California by Steve Lovell One of the most popular shore dives in the San Diego area is off the beatch at La Jolla Shores.

1st Apr 05 United States - USA - Florida Diving Ginnie Springs by Alison Boler There are 4 or 5 open water dives available to the non-cave diver and we planned to try as many as possible in the day.

1st Apr 05 United States - USA - Florida Mermaids & Manatees , at Crystal River by Alison Boler Those sailors of yore must have been pretty short sighted. Or maybe we should blame it on the grog

1st Apr 05 United States - USA Florida - High Seas Drifter, diving WPB by Alison Boler Diving the reefs off West Palm Beach in Florida could scarcely be lazier or more relaxing!

1st Aug 06 United States - USA - Return to West Palm Beach by Alison Boler Two years ago we spent an extremely enjoyable Easter week in West Palm Beach diving with Pura Vida Divers.

1st Nov 05 United States - USA Florida - Manatees & more by Charles Stirling Think of Florida diving and a number of things might come to mind. The Keys of course, for coral and wrecks.

1st Jul 04 United States - USA - Florida Largo & Lime,diving the Florida Keys by Jon Gunns The Florida Keys are an archipelago of over 200 islands extending in a gentle arc southwest from the Florida mainland.

1st Jan 03 United States - USA - Florida Cave Diving Course by Steve Pearson "We thought you must be dead" the first words uttered to me by Paul Neilsen the morning of my IANTD 'full cave' course.

1st Aug 06 United States - USA - Florida Mum's Big Surprise - Dive Quest by Alison Boler We have been visiting DisneyWorld in Florida for over 20 years, more frequently when the girls were a bit younger, and it had been 5 years since our last visit.

20th Apr 07 United States - Rebreather Training in Florida Caves by Andy Moll The decision to go to a rebreather had been something that I had decided on three or four years ago

30th Mar 09 United States - Full Cave Diving - Florida - March 09 by Darren Astles I initially thought that if I could attain the lofty heights of a full cave certified diver I would pretty much have reached the top of my diving. The reality is that I now feel like I did when I first achieved Ocean Diver (BSAC’s equivalent of PADI Open Water). I am but a beginner amongst my peers. It’s not the end but the end of the beginning. My diving has only really just started “properly”.

18th Jan 13 United States - Ginnie Springs diving with Gary Brown by Sean Cummings I drove up to Ginnie last Sunday morning, about 150 miles = 2.25 hours from my hotel south of Orlando. I got there for when it opened at 08:00 and met my guide

1st Aug 00 United States - USA - Chicago and The Great Lakes by Richard Knights and Malcolm Rahn The Great Lakes of America are big. They store the largest batch of fresh water on earth and they hold many wrecks.

1st Aug 01 United States - USA Great Lakes - Diving The Great Lakes by Richard Knights and Malcolm Rahn In 2000, two of us (Malcolm Rahn and Richard Knights) went to Chicago and dived some of the wrecks in Lake Michigan.

1st Aug 06 United States - USA Florida - Diving Diversity Despite Adversity - Key Largo by Alison Boler It had been 25 years since I had ventured south of Miami to the long strip of coral islands and dots strung together like pearls on a necklace that make up the Florida Keys.

26th Jul 08 United States - Diving the Big O – Jets and Carriers off Pensacola by Dave Middleton For any of you wreckies out there the chance to dive 911feet of aircraft carrier in relatively shallow water rarely comes around, however, if you are in the vicinity of Northern Florida there is the chance to dive the Big O. USS Oriskany (O-risk-canny), CV34, was deliberately sunk a couple of years ago as part of the Florida artificial reef program.


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