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The Caribbean

3rd Nov 05 Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - An Unexpected Delight! by Alan Ewart It was the 29th November 2004. I'd had a bad day, I was tired, it was cold and it was wet. To be charitable I was not in a great mood when I got home and logged on to check my messages.

31st May 07 Bahamas - Bahamas - Andros Island by Charles Stirling I had a trip to the Bahamas with my partner Jenny in May 2007 which included 3 islands, Grand Bahama, Andros and New Providence/Nassau.

1st May 05 Bahamas - Bahamas - Cat Island by Charles Stirling Cat Island is off the normal tourist trail of the Bahamas, one of the outer islands.

1st May 07 Bahamas - Bahamas - Exuma Island by Charles Stirling Exuma Island is one of the more populated outer islands with two main islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, along with about 365 cays stretching over 120 miles.

1st May 07 Bahamas - Bahamas - Grand Bahama by Charles Stirling I had a trip to the Bahamas with my partner Jenny in May 2007 which included 3 islands, Grand Bahama, Andros and New Providence/Nassau.

20th Mar 08 Bahamas - It's A Bahamian T'ing - Grand Bahama, Bimini and Berry Islands by Martin Sutcliffe For the last few years I have commenced the new diving season by joining Plymouth Sound Branch for some fantastic diving on the Manacles. Having moved inland however

20th May 07 Bahamas - New Providence/Nassau, Bahamas by Charles Stirling My partner, Jenny, and I were in Nassau on New Providence Island in May 2007 to dive with the famous Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas and it provided two fantastic days. Our trip had encompassed diving with UNEXSO on Grand Bahama Island then Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros and now our trip was drawing to a close.

1st Sep 03 Barbados - Barbados - Wrecks, Reefs and Relaxation by Matt Mindham Floating, weightless, at the tip of the mast, the S.S. Stavronikita is visible, twenty metres below, in all its colourful glory.

1st Jul 03 Barbados - Barbados - Barbados Diving Holiday by Alistair Reynolds From the air the island is in the shape of a pear. Graced by gently rolling hills, sugar cane fields and spectacular beaches

1st Sep 03 Barbados - Barbados - Dive'N'Wed by Scott Laddiman Thank god for the internet! After a year in the planning, via e-mail, my fiancée, 22-month-old son and I headed off to Barbados in September to get married

1st May 07 Barbados - Barbados - Holiday in May 2007 by Martin Sutcliffe So, I had a new girlfriend who just was not the enthusiastic diver I am.

16th May 10 Barbados - Barbados with The Dive Shop & Reefers & Wreckers by Eddie & Sue Clamp, Jan & Beks Gouldson Group negotiations found Steve and and his Midland divers going with Reefers & Wreckers to do a mixture of boat and shore diving and myself to boat dive with the more local Bridgetown Barbados Dive shop (BDS).

1st May 02 Belize - Belize - You'd better Belize it by Jon Gunns While spending 6 months working in Belize I was fortunate to be able to take advantage of the diving opportunities available there.

12th Jul 10 Belize - Have you been to Belize? by Herbert Kollmann If you dig a bit deeper and you mention that Belize has the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, it rings a bell in the diving community

1st Aug 02 Cayman Islands - Cayman Islands - Great family diving by Alison Boler Given up trying to combine a family holiday with some intensive diving?

1st Jul 05 Cuba - Cuba - Cayo Coco by Trevor Thorpe I've been to Cuba twice before: to Guardalavaca on the mainland as a non-diver and Cayo Largo a small island just offshore on the Carribean side.

1st Dec 04 Cuba - Cuba - Cayo Guillermo by Trevor Thorpe After returning from Grenada( which was superb) in November I was wondering where to go for my next diving holiday when the Eclipse brochure arrived through my letterbox.

1st May 04 Cuba - Cuba - Cayo Lago by Harry Ryalls The island of Cayo Largo is approximately 177 kms south of Havana City and the mainland of Cuba.

14th Feb 12 Cuba - Cayo Largo, Cuba with the International Diving Centre and the Scuba Place by Eddie & Sue Clamp Here in the Clamp household the main choice for our winter holiday was the Caribbean but where did we want to go? We buttoned it down to either Tobago or Cuba. Cuba won

17th Feb 08 Cuba - Diving Cayo Coco, Cuba by Wendy Male Cayo Coco is a cay on the northern coast of Cuba. Its ideal for a relaxing sun and sand holiday

1st May 06 Cuba - Cuba - A Snorkelling Trip, Guardalavaca by Carol Reid For us this was part of a two centre holiday - 9 nights in Guardalavaca and then 3 nights in Havana in May 2004.

28th Mar 12 Cuba - Diving (or not!) in Cuba by Tom Batell Just the mention of Cuba conjures up mysteries, Caribbean paradise, the rich smell of cigars, rum served every which way and loose, tropical white sand beaches, impromptu salsa dancing, music to serenade with the beat of drums and maracas, a plethora of 1950’s American “finned” cars dressed in lustrous chrome .

1st Jan 06 Cuba - Cuba - Maria La Gorda by Sandy Anderson We finished off a family (two adults, two late teen sons) holiday to Cuba over Christmas and New Year 2005-06 with four days of quiet beach time.

12th Nov 08 Cuba - Cuba - Scuba Cuba in Varadero by Ian Hicks Arranging diving in Cuba is not always that easy. Some places do not have email or internet access, everything is state run, and timetables can be a loose arrangement.

29th Oct 06 Curacao - Curacao Report by Steve & Jeanette Parry Snooba Travel, with special thanks to Nikola, who as always, was very efficient and able to put together a package to fit our preferred travel dates, accommodation type and vehicle hire for our stay in Cura³Ž

1st Feb 03 Curacao - Curacao report by Jens Hucke by Jens Hucke There are many different reasons to choose a diving destination. In our case we had a small group consisting of two BSAC Advanced Divers as well as one Sport Diver, all wishing to go to an exotic and easy going dive destinations.

1st Jan 06 Dominica - Dominica - Dominica by Tim Digger We went in January as this is out of hurricane season, as it is winter it is marginally cooler but there is little water temperature fluctuation.

1st Apr 02 Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic - A club trip to Bahia Principe by Mike Bailey I've been organising Club trips for many years and during this time we've travelled to many different places.

1st Nov 08 Dominican Republic - Riu Resort, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic by Terry Hooper I suppose you are asking yourself why would anyone go to the Dominican Republic for a diving holiday. Well I must agree I thought that. However, due to the increased cost of flights it was not working out cost effective to go to the Bahamas. Basically we managed to get an all-inclusive hotel with transfers for less than the cost of the airfare to the Bahamas.

1st May 03 Dutch Antilles - Lou and Andy's Bonaire Odyssey by Louise Nicholson We got a very good first impression of Bonaire going through customs. Not only were the customs officers young and good looking; they were also smiling

13th Mar 02 Dutch Antilles - Bonaire '02 - Going Dutch by Steven Ball by Steven Ball Bonaire is part of the Dutch Antilles or the ABC Islands, the A and C being Aruba and Curaçao. I had dived in Aruba in 1992, so I had some idea as to what to expect underwater.<br>

22nd Jun 04 Dutch Antilles - Bon Bini to Bonaire by Carren Holden This year, those lucky people, Carren and Mark Holden, went to Bonaire in the South Caribbean for two weeks of their annual holiday.

1st Feb 03 Dutch Antilles - Diving holidays in the Netherlands Antilles by Veronique Heyes Bonaire and Curacao, and to a lesser extent, Aruba, feature prominently in States-side diving magazines as very desirable diving destinations, and a number of specialist UK tour operators now offer those on a standard package basis.

7th Jan 04 Dutch Antilles - Saba by Lucy Kublikowski I had never heard of Saba until I arrived in St Maarten, another of the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean. My plans had been to dive at the Marine Park in St Bartholome, but all the local advice was to take a trip over to Saba

15th May 10 Grenada - Grenada with Aquanauts Grenada by Edward Haynes MSc Having successfully completed a MSc in “Audit Management and Consultancy” during 2009. I had set myself a reward of a diving holiday

1st Jun 04 Grenada - Grenada - Grenada by Trevor Thorpe After returning from a two week holiday in Cape Town, South Africa where I?d been to watch the fantastic Cricket World Cup, I felt in desperate need of a diving holiday!

1st Feb 05 Grenada - Grenada - Grenada 2005 by Charles Stirling We were travelling partly independently and partly with a personal package organised by Sportif International and the Grenada Tourist Board.

1st Mar 05 Honduras - Honduras - Utila, Bay Islands by Bronya Jackson Our day typically started with a buffet style breakfast (plenty of food available).

1st Apr 05 Jamaica - Jamaica - Montego Bay by Trevor Thorpe I decided to go to Jamaica because I?d heard that the diving there was very good, but also because I am a very big Reggae fan.

15th Jan 08 Jamaica - Cliffside, Negril, Jamaica by Valerie Johnson My husband and I booked our holiday home on-line direct with the owners of Moves Cottage which we found via a holiday home website.

1st Mar 07 Mexico - Mexico - Cancun, Mexican Wave Diving by Andy & Fiona Boorer We decided on a slightly earlier dive trip this year, having tried the Florida Keys last year in the summer.

1st May 00 Mexico - Mexico - Cozumel by Trevor Thorpe My name is Trevor and I?m a slightly physically disabled scuba-diver.

30th Sep 06 Mexico - Mexico - Cozumel by Ian Gould I am a Sports Diver with 82 dives under my belt. Thanks to Dave and Phil, 'club instructor's, I am doing a bit of dive leading as well.

1st Dec 04 Mexico - Mexico - Mayan Riviera, Cozumel and Cenotes by John Kirk Just got back from Mexico (Mayan Riviera) and managed to slip in 12 dives by accident.

1st Jul 04 Mexico - Mexico - Topes and Cenotes, Yucatan Peninsula by Emma Faid I never expected to write an article about my trip to Mexico - mainly because I had planned it as a "non-diving holiday".

14th Dec 15 Mexico - Living the Dream - Opening Mexico's First BSAC Centre by Lanny Vogel The process of getting a load of additional qualifications, emigrating and setting up a dive centre from scratch promises to be a fairly exciting journey, so thought I would chronicle some of my thoughts and experiences.<br> <br>

27th Jan 14 Mexico - Mexico Yucatan Cenotes and Cozumel 2014 by Tim Digger We (my wife and I and two American friends) went on this trip in January 2014 (Dive Aventuras at Omni Beach Resort, Puerto Aventuras and Scuba Club Cozumel)

29th Dec 09 Saint Lucia - St Lucia with Rainbow Divers by Andy Squirrell I spent Christmas 2009 at the Coconut Bay Resort and Spa in St Lucia.

5th Oct 02 Saint Lucia - St Lucia by Trevor Thorpe After returning from Cayo Guillermo, Cuba in May I was wondering where to go for my October holiday

18th Sep 16 St Kitts - Diving St Kitts and the Saba Marine Park, Caribbean on MY Caribbean Explorer Two by Eddie Clamp I was sitting at home quietly minding my own business and thinking about a forthcoming shared holiday with my lovely non diving wife Sue when I receive a call to invite me on a Caribbean liveaboard - MY Caribbean Explorer II out of St Kitts

1st Feb 03 St Vincent - St Vincent - St. Vincent & The Grenadines by Greeba Cochrane Jim and I have just spent 2 weeks sailing around St Vincent and The Grenadines in a 45.2 Sun Odyssey sailing boat.?

1st Jul 02 Tobago - Tobago - Dive Report by Bren Tierney The Manchester to Gatwick flights didn't tie up with our onward flight to Tobago, so we came down the night before and booked into a hotel.

1st Apr 03 Tobago - Tobago - Diving Tobago by Wendy Cooke As you all know I am very lucky in having a husband who supports me diving but even I was surprised when he said he wanted to go to Tobago on holiday.

1st May 06 Tobago - Tobago - Tobago on Wind Dancer by Alan Ewart Dive trips, especially those to far off places take a bit of planning!

31st Jul 13 Trinidad & Tobago - The Blue Waters Inn Speyside, Tobago with Blue Waters Dive'n by Brian Rayner After two recent visits to the BWI at Speyside thought it would be worth writing a review about this small and tranquil resort.

21st Nov 13 Trinidad & Tobago - Tobago with Blue Waters Dive'n and Oonasdivers by Eddie Clamp We had a great trip and thank you to Bryan Rayner for guiding us to this resort. BSAC Trip reports are really ‘written by divers for divers’

31st Mar 13 Trinidad & Tobago - Toucan Inn and R&Sea Divers by Faye Wilde Fancied a change from the Red Sea and Tobago offered a chance to dive the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans so thought I would give it a go. Here is a rundown of my trip

1st Sep 04 Virgin Islands (British) - Virgin Islands British - Diving the BVI by Alex Gooderham The last few years my wife and I have organised our own holidays, so with that in mind, off I went to LIDS

1st Aug 06 Virgin Islands (US) - Virgin Islands US - Diving St Thomas by Mik Carr We travelled to the USVI in late August/early September 2002, which falls within the annual hurricane season.


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