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Southern Europe / The Mediterranean

22nd Sep 16 Croatia - Bude SAC go to Cavtat by Andy Squirrell On the flight home from last year’s club trip to Corfu we flew over some lovely looking coastline and a great looking Island.

1st Jan 05 Croatia - Croatia - Diving Vela Luca, 2005 by Steve Lovell Having heard some good reports about diving in Croatia, myself and my regular buddy took the plunge

1st Oct 05 Croatia - Croatia - Vela Luca, Korkula Island, October 2005 by Paul Oliver A group of 18 from Canterbury Divers in Kent decided to sample the diving delights of Croatia and a couple of volunteers put a trip together.

1st Jun 06 Croatia - Croatia - Diving the Adriatic, 2006 by Jenny Fowler Mention Croatia and most people will think of Dubrovnik or Split which are popular holiday regions

1st May 06 Croatia - Croatia - Island of Vis, 2006 by Michael Moore I go on one diving holiday a year with my club Drolysden BSAC situated in Greater Manchester.

1st May 07 Croatia - Croatia - REDS Expedition to Korkula, 2007 by Emma Richardson The West Midlands Regional Expedition Diving Scheme, was set to offer experienced local BSAC members

14th Apr 10 Croatia - Trogir, Croatia with the Trogir Diving Centre by Chris Prior TROGIR DIVING CENTRE is a fantastic dive operator. These guys are highly professional, extremely helpful, and wonderfully friendly and can organise all aspects of your trip from transfers to food and accommodation

1st Dec 01 Cyprus - Cyprus - The Zenobia by Steve Chaplin Following our usual custom of escaping these (English) shores for the festive season.

1st Sep 05 Cyprus - Cyprus - Protaras with Dive-Tek and Scandidive by Alan Ewart Well, it's early August, the wonderful British summer is in full swing and my mind turns to finding some sunshine for the family and myself.

1st Mar 06 Cyprus - Cyprus - A Mix of a Mix Course, Dive Tek, Protaras Cyprus by Alan Ewart In August 2005 I took the family out to Cyprus for a holiday and did a bit of diving with Dive Tek Cyprus.

1st May 06 Cyprus - Cyprus - Diving Polis, Cyprus, April/May 2006 by Sarah Lee Myself and my partner Kenny are stationed in Cyprus for the next 2 and a half years

1st Jun 07 Cyprus - Cyprus - Cyprus and the Zenobia, June 2007 by Darren Astles A quick glance at the logbook shows that our first dives (Amanda, my wife and I started diving at the same time)

1st Jul 07 Cyprus - Cyprus - Diving Northern Cyprus from Villa Rockheart by Alison Boler I shall have to be completely honest right up front here and say that I am probably a bit biased about diving in Northern Cyprus!

1st Aug 05 Cyprus - Cyprus - Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus by Bo Walsh As a novice diver and a relatively new member of the club it was with a great sense of anticipation

1st Apr 07 Cyprus - Cyprus - Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, April 2007 by Sarah Lee Having lived, worked and dived in southern Cyprus for just over a year we thought it high time to go and visit the dives sites of northern Cyprus.

31st Mar 13 Cyprus - Zenobia, Cyprus with Alpha Divers by Daniel Taylor So, Easter involves four days off work and I've never dived the Zenobia... it is so obvious I don't know why it has taken me so long.

28th Sep 11 Cyprus - Cyprus nostalgia by Eddie Clamp So it was with not too much expectation I packed my dive gear to spend a two centre holiday in Latchi and Larnaca and also to attend the much looked forward to reunion. What would my experiences over forty years of diving around the area bring?<br> <br>

18th Aug 08 Cyprus - From the Sublime to the Ridiculous by Alison Boler Our summer holiday in Northern Cyprus reached the both highs and the lows of the island.

9th Mar 08 France - Get Them Before They're Gone! Wrecks off Cavalaire, South of France by Fi and Andy Boorer For a change, we spurned the easier option of the Red Sea, and decided to challenge ourselves with some deeper wreck diving.

1st Aug 02 France - France (South) - Absolutely Fab, with wrecks by Frannie Aston and Andy Moll This year after a number of false starts and people changing their minds, we finally had 12 who wanted the clear warm waters of the South of France for a week.

1st May 03 France - France (South) - Meandering through France by Nick Parsons A holiday with diving’ wasn’t quite what other members of our group had in mind,

1st Aug 02 Gibraltar - Gibraltar - Rock steady by Jon Gunns Gibraltar is an unusual diving destination.

1st Jun 02 Gibraltar - Gibraltar - Wrecking Around the Rock by Jules Kelley This year (2004) BSAC 217 ventured off to a little piece of England on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Southern most point of Europe, the Rock of Gibraltar.

1st Jul 06 Greece - Greece - Corfu: The Best Holiday for Teenagers Ever! by Alison Boler Do you struggle to find a holiday destination that will please both you and the wife/husband and your teenage children?

10th Aug 08 Greece - Corfu Divers - Friends for Life! by Tony Green It was that time again, and my wife and I waited with anticipation for our plane to touch down in Kerkyra airport. As the doors opened we were met with the welcomed heat of the meditereanian sunshine, and the aroma that is Corfu.

29th Oct 15 Greece - Bude BSAC go to Corfu by Andy Squirrell After visiting some of the more usual diving locations over the last few years (Red Sea, Malta, Lanzarote etc.) Bude Dive Club decided to go somewhere different for 2015; so we looked at Greece

1st Sep 06 Greece - Greece -Diving Crete, September, 2006 by Charles Stirling The Mediterranean, Greece, Crete - who would think to chose this as a destination for a dive holiday?

1st Jul 06 Greece - Greece -Diving Naxos, Summer 2006 by Stephen Davies When it comes to the annual family holiday there are two criteria, the first is a quiet and relatively unspoilt Greek island,

1st Sep 06 Greece - Greece -Diving Paros by Charles Stirling Greece and its many islands doesn't seem to be within all that many a diver's periscope.

1st Jul 03 Italy - Italy - Grotta Giusti, Tuscany by Gordon Mackie When I heard about cave diving in 34°C water, I just had to try it out.

1st May 04 Italy - Italy - The Aeolian Islands by Alison Boler Errr... Where??? That was my reaction sixteen years ago when Reg Vallintine asked me help him to organise a diving holiday

16th Jul 10 Italy - Diving the Ruins of Baiae, Naples by Allie Boler Baiae was the Las Vegas of Ancient Rome. When the rich and famous of the Senate and the Imperial Family wanted to let their hair down and have a truly decadent time, they would come to their lavish summer homes clustered in terraces all around the Bay of Naples, especially to Baiae.

30th Sep 14 Italy - The Jewel of the Mediterranean in Palau, Sardinia, Italy by Vinnie Apuzzo The Med is dead as the old saying goes. But you may be surprised as Sardinia, Italy has some great dive sites.

7th Oct 14 Italy - Palau, Sardinia with Nautilus Diving Centre (a BSAC Dive Resort) by Eddie & Sue Clamp When a request came through to consider a report from a BSAC resort centre in Palau I looked at it with some interest as I had never been there before. Wife Sue and I checked it out

1st Apr 06 Italy - Sardinia - Toast on Sardinia by Jon Gunns Sardinia, paradise island in the Mediterranean with mouth-watering foods and wines

5th Jun 08 Italy - Diving With Nautilus, Palau, Sardinia by Joanna Crook A touch of Swiss efficiency with a dash of Italian "Que Sera" "on the rocks" of Sardinia's Archipelago Marine National Park's emerald waters.....

26th Sep 08 Italy - Knutsford SAC Visit Palau, Sardinia by Robert Ward Setting off from Manchester, the eight of us from Knutsford Sub-Aqua Club were looking forward to a week in the sun and diving in the Marine Park of La Maddalena and Lavezzi, Sardinia.

13th Sep 07 Italy - Italy - The Aeolian Islands by James Fulcher Four of us, two couples with two snorkellers and two non-snorkellers, went to the Aeolian islands in mid-September 2007.

16th Oct 12 Malta - A Malta Holiday by Hamish Torunski Now many people have written about Malta as a diving destination but I cannot recollect anyone looking at it from the perspective of a diver travelling like myself who have a dive widow or widower to keep happy

25th Aug 13 Malta - Gozo, Aug 2013 with St Andrew’s Cove Divers by Don Carless I love Gozo, it has really worked at attracting and looking after divers, it has great café’s for in between dives and sun-downer deco beers, plus many restaurants at good prices in which to spend pleasant evenings. What more could you ask for?

1st Jul 06 Malta - Malta - Diving in Malta by Paul Wright We are a small SAA diving club based in Essex. Last year I was "persuaded" to arrange a holiday for club members.

1st May 03 Malta - Malta - Sunseekers in Malta by Steve Jones For this, our first shore based foreign group trip, Dave Appleby had proposed a trip to Malta

1st Jun 05 Malta - Malta - Ocean Diving in Malta by Jon Gunns Having spent some time learning to dive in a variety of cold and muddy quarries

1st Jul 07 Malta - Malta - Getting Wrecked In Malta by Brian Rayner After many years diving these islands (and with a gentle nudge from Alison Boler)

1st Sep 03 Malta - Malta - Diving with Calypso by Dave Barratt Legend has it that Odysseus was tempted to Gozo by Calypso and was so entranced,

1st Apr 03 Malta - Malta - Diving in Gozo by Roger Barefoot Gozo is one of the Maltese Islands and has a wide variety of dives for new and experienced divers.

1st Oct 04 Malta - Malta - Diving in Gozo by Richard Booth Back in the late eighties and early nineties Gozo appeared to be one of the more popular overseas diving holiday destinations.

1st Sep 02 Malta - Malta - Diving in Gozo by Derek Dear I was diving with St Andrew's Dive Centre, as recommended by the staff at Harlequin Worldwide Travel

1st Jul 02 Malta - Malta - Diving in Gozo by Dave Wilson, Mel Ford & Andy Martin The club 'big trip' this year made a change from the norm and headed away from the usual cold water

1st Aug 07 Malta - Malta - Calypso Diving by Darren and Amanda Astles We had always hoped to get some diving in abroad once we were qualified as Ocean Divers

4th Oct 08 Malta - Malta - September 2008 by Darren Astles When the question was asked back in dreary spring “How about a club trip this summer?” and the destination was chosen as Malta we quickly accepted as that would give us another chance to dive the superb Blue Hole and also to dive some of the wrecks that had been beyond us last time, two years previously.

16th Apr 08 Malta - An April Trip to Marsalforn, Gozo by Yasmin Yadi The holiday started brightly due to my buddy’s contacts at the airport. We were checked in using the Business Class check in desk and then we were off to use The Executive Lounge to await our flight at Manchester Airport.

31st May 10 Malta - Malta May 2010 – HMS Stubborn and TEC 45 by Darren Astles We are drawn to wrecks and prefer the relatively more positive chance of diving not being “blown out” by diving away from the UK shores

17th Sep 13 Malta - Diving in Malta with Techwise by MantaJohn Most of my diving going forward will be rec diving 25-35metres, but that is the current limit of my experience. I thought if I had learned some more advanced skills/experiences then I would be diving within my experience rather than at the limit of it

22nd Jun 10 Malta - Maltese nostalgia with Maltaqua by Eddie Clamp My time as a young sailor in the Malta of the 60s never included diving. So as an older BSAC diver I relied on my memories of the past. We were located for our holiday in the St Paul’s Bay area so it had to be Maltaqua

24th Aug 11 Malta - Malta with Octopus Garden Tauchschule, St Paul's Bay by Chris Prior The following trip report covers a one week holiday to Malta where my wife and I conducted two days diving with ‘Octopus Garden’ Tauchschule (Diving School) in St Paul’s Bay

7th Apr 15 Malta - Malta and Gozo - Easter 2015 by Faye Wilde With very little holiday days to play with I was looking for a short break with some relatively guaranteed diving for the Easter weekend. I had visited Gozo, 2 years before and really enjoyed it, but hadn't visited Malta itself.

31st May 14 Malta - All the family goes to Gozo. May 2014 by Eddie Clamp How do we get one granny, one grandad, two daughters with hubbies and six grandchildren ranging aged 7 to 13 to Gozo for a week and above all how do I get to dive occasionally?

15th Oct 14 Malta - Gozo, 2014 with St Andrew’s Cove Divers by Don Carless A bit later than usual this year. Last week of September first week in October. Out London Gatwick - Malta - 11.55AM. Air Malta 32 kg allowed

8th Sep 14 Malta - AUSAC go to Gozo with Mobi Dives, Xlendi by Victoria Presly Around April 2013, whilst no doubt day dreaming of being in warmer climes instead of in chilly Aberdeen, I decided to get in touch with Pete B about the possibility of an AUSAC group trip to Gozo in September 2014

26th Jul 13 Malta - Gozo with Moby Dives, Xlendi by Eddie Clamp We never go away in July. So you can imagine the short silence that ensued when I asked lovely wife Sue if she fancied ten days on the island of Gozo near Malta.

21st Aug 08 Portugal - A Sneaky Dive in Portugal by Paul Hunt Ok, when we planned to go on a family holiday to the Algarve in August, we didn’t plan on going diving

1st Jun 02 Spain - Spain - Costa Blanca by Harry Ryalls Back around the end of October 2001 a couple of good friends of ours asked Julie and myself to spend a few days

20th Sep 03 Spain - Ibiza - Diving Holiday in Ibiza by Richard Whitcombe I travelled to Ibiza at the end of September 2003 for 2 weeks staying at an apartment on the east of the island in a small resort called S'Argamassa.

29th May 15 Spain - A family holiday to L’Estartit, Spain with Calypso Diving by Eddie & Sue Clamp A decade or so ago wife Sue and I had been to the small town of L’Estartit, Costa Brava, Spain and loved it and I was also impressed with the diving around the protected marine park of the Medes Islands

1st Jan 04 Spain - Mallorca- January 2004 trip by Paul Monro It's 6.00am at Luton airport and there are 8 of us thinking that this had better be good to have got us out of our beds at this unearthly hour on a Sunday

21st Jun 10 Spain - Mallorca with Scuba Mallorca by Andy Squirrell We dived with Scuba Mallorca which is run by Mick and Jessie.

1st Jun 08 Spain - Spain - Medas Magic, July 2006 by Richard Booth Think of diving in the Mediterranean Sea and one usually visualises images of clear blue water but with a marinescape that is rather lifeless with few fish to be seen.<br>

20th Jul 15 Spain - Medes Islands, Costa Brava with Unisub Divers by Paul Shill Medes Islands, Costa Brave with Unisub Divers <br> Normally whenever I travel anywhere it's from Manchester or London, but today we were lucky in that the flight to Barcelona was from Newcastle, and as I live only 10 mins from the airport

1st Jul 04 Spain - Menorca - Jewel of the Mediterranean by Marc Robinson Menorca is a small island east of the popular Balearic Islands of Majorca and Ibiza.

1st Jul 06 Spain - Menorca - Northern Menorca by Andy Smith I am a BSAC diver leader who has spent 9 seasons diving in UK waters.

21st Jul 10 Spain - Diving With Blue Water Scuba, Menorca by Berny Marsden I have just returned home from a two week holiday in Cala En Bosch

18th Jun 15 Spain - Mallorca with Big Blue Diving by Paul Shill After an early morning flight from Newcastle, there was some time for a leisurely lunch at the Hotel before heading down to the dive centre

1st Jul 03 Spain - Spain - Medas Islands by Paul Eyden The Medas Islands are located at the northern end of the Costa Brava,

1st Jul 06 Spain - Spain - Nerja, Costa del Sol by Steve Lovell Following a year of our respective parents being ill and in hospital, resulting in a couple of cancelled holidays

1st May 03 Spain - Spain - Nerja, Costa del Sol by Colin Jenkins I used ScubaNerja a company which I researched using the internet.

1st Jun 05 Spain - Spain - Aguilhas by Toby Mottram A few weeks ago I dived a 30 m reef off the coast of Spain with some friends from work.

1st Jun 06 Spain - Spain - Costa Blanca by Mary Hartigan Well here we are back in Spain for another holiday chill out.

1st Mar 07 Spain - Spain - Cabo de Palos, Murcia, Costa Calida by Rob Robertson Cabo de Palos is a small fishing and holiday village at the southern end of the Mar Menor and La Manga

1st Oct 01 Tunisia - Tunisia - Tunisia: An Experience by John Kirk Port el kantaoui is not a primary destination. This story highlights some of those things you don't learn on the PADI courses

12th Sep 08 Turkey - Bodrum, Turkey – September 2008 by Rick Stevens We travelled to Bodrum for a week’s holiday on 1st September. After flying from Doncaster to Bodrum in 3 hours 40 minutes (The pilot obviously had his foot down after a very boring 3 hour delay due to the weather in the UK!! )

17th Jun 11 Turkey - Bude’s 2011 Trip to Turkey with Elite Diving Centre by Andy Squirrell This year we decided to go back to Turkey, last time around we dived with Elite Diving Academy when they were based in a small village just outside of Bodrum. This time around they’ve moved to Fethiye, changed their name to Elite Diving Centre

9th Sep 14 Turkey - Kas - a holiday with some surprisingly good diving thrown in! by Faye Wilde I had planned a holiday to visit a friend living in Kas and as it is a coastal resort I decided I may as well also book a couple of days diving while I was there.

1st Jun 04 Turkey - Turkey - Neilson Dive Gulet by Bill Quinn I booked this holiday in October 2003. My reasoning was simple, cost.

1st Jul 01 Turkey - Turkey - Liveaboard diving in Turkey by Jon Gunns We were initially attracted to liveaboard diving in Turkey by the display run by Jane Carr of Seahorse Diving at the London Dive Show.

1st Aug 05 Turkey - Turkey - Diving In Marmaris by Paul Oliver I went to Marmaris on a family holiday with the intention of diving on 6 of the 14 days I was to be there.

1st Aug 07 Turkey - Turkey - Diving In Kemer, Antalya by Alison Boler Our holiday on the Antalyan coast of Turkey was not first and foremost a diving holiday

1st Apr 06 Turkey - Turkey - Day Trip from Istanbul by Neil Richardson Istanbul, the city where you can purchase anything and everything, and everything in one street.


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