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Advanced Instructor Practical Exam

Assessing the skills of structuring and delivery of practical instruction from different platforms.

To book on this event you must hold a minimum of Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor (OWI), have attended an Advanced Instructor Course (AIC) and hold a minimum of a Pass grade in the Advanced Instructor Theory Exam (AIT).

"Instructing at AI level is a whole different kettle of fish from OWI. You're out of the structure of a lesson and into "freeform teaching" where you are using what's available round you. It's less about formal teaching and more about the transfer of knowledge and experience that can only be done when you are out there diving for real. It is, however, brilliant fun but bloody hard work. And the only way to prepare for the exam is to go diving and pass on your knowledge to others while you're doing it. Which isn't that much of a task, is it?"
Woz - Advanced Instructor Exam Dartmouth September 2010

2017 Events available around November


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