Diving equipment is essential to safe diving, and therefore kit maintenance should be a key part of your preparations to return to the water.

We plan to enter an environment that is not designed to support human life and we are able to do so because of the equipment we use to the extent that it becomes ‘life support equipment’. Because of our reliance on this equipment, it is essential that it is properly maintained.

Covid-19 lockdown restrictions

All divers should check if their equipment needs servicing and/or testing prior to any anticipated relaxation allowing diving to resume.

In the current lockdown, dive shops may not be open as normal, although staff may still be working to offer click and collect sales and carry out equipment servicing. Many servicing facilities are operating reduced working times and may be unable to accommodate a major demand without advance warning. Where they are operating, a service centre may offer a form of ‘click and collect’ service allowing you to drop off equipment for servicing and arrange collection at a subsequent date. Others are operating only a mailing service, with associated increased cost. In some cases, shops and staff may be receiving grant support to remain closed and so not able to offer servicing at this time.

If your equipment needs servicing/testing, then check with your local facility to determine if they are operating and under what restrictions. You can then either:

  • Deliver your equipment for servicing at an agreed time and method
  • Book your equipment in for servicing at an appropriate time

Doing either will ensure that your equipment is in a queue and you will be able to monitor when it will be available. Doing so will also help the servicing centre to monitor demand and plan their workflow accordingly. Helping support your local service centre in this way may also help to ensure they remain viable during the current pandemic.

See some practical advice from BSAC's Former Chair, Woz, on Kit shakedown on lockdown.

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