We understand many clubs are facing challenges and we want to do everything possible to enable university clubs to recruit new trainees. 

We have a new suite of training support available for BSAC uni clubs this year to hopefully get your club off to a flying start.

On offer is assistance to help with the three main stages of Ocean Diver training – theory, pool and open water sessions.

Discounted training packs and membership offers

Ocean Diver eLearning and 12-month BSAC membership - £49.50

Short on instructors? New trainees can buy discounted Ocean Diver eLearning packs so they can do theory lessons online. 

For the reduced price of £49.50, you students can gain access to the eLearning system along with 12 months membership, saving them £41.50.

Your club will then just need to do the theory feedback session to ensure students have taken in the necessary knowledge, then the pool and open water sessions.

Benefits of eLearning:

  • Easy to use and students can learn at their own pace
  • All the materials students need for the Ocean Diver course are online
  • Environmentally friendly (no physical training pack needed)

More on the eLearning platform

Ocean Diver digital training pack and 12-month BSAC membership - £53.50

Even if you are still doing in-person training, your new trainees can still get a discount on their packs and membership.

For the reduced price of £53.50, you students can get a fully digital Ocean Diver pack along with 12 months membership, saving them £21.00.

How to claim special offers

To order discounted training packs and membership offers, each of your new trainees needs to complete and pay for their packs online at bsac.com/unioffer.

Help with access to pools

Can’t do pool sessions? Or are very limited by your venue? Not necessarily a problem. Contact Mandy on 0151 350 6201 or at mandyr@bsac.com who can talk through your options. It may be that you could link up with a local club or centre, we can look to solve this for you.

Instructor availability issues

Not enough instructors to do qualifying open water dives? Again, we can look to help here and there are lots of options we can look at and talk you through.

We can help you to hook up with a local club or BSAC Training Centre, or recruit instructors in your area to help you through this period. Please contact Mandy on 0151 350 6201 or at mandyr@bsac.com.

We would really like to support you so your club can grow. Contact us today and let’s get you some new divers trained!

Barnsley BSAC Divers on a boat with their hands in the air

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