The chairs main role is to ensure the smooth and effective running of the branch committee.

As the branches figurehead they should drive an open and inclusive environment for the members, promote the branches public image and encourage the development of the branch.

They are responsible for the social and financial management of the branch to support the branch members.

Ideally an experienced member of the branch who is respected by the member, must be approachable, have good management skills and remain unbiased.

There formal role is to chair the branch meetings and to ensure that they are effectively run and controlled. These meeting would include committee meetings, special general meetings, emergency general meeting and the Annual General Meeting. Should the Chair be unavailable, then the meeting would be run by a nominated Officer or Vice Chair.

As Chair they have a vote, but this would usually be used as a casting vote in the event of a tie.

Do’s & Don’ts

Do encourage members engagement

Do promote branch development

Do delegate roles and responsibilities

Do seek advice if unsure

Don’t panic about responsibility

Don’t impose extra rules

Don’t get personal


Delegation develops successors

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