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Safety First Programme

Safety First logoBSAC introduced 'Safety First' to raise and maintain awareness throughout the sport diving community about safe diving practices and the need for responsible diving. The Programme also assists BSAC Branches and Centres to provide a more formalised approach in providing 'refresher' training to qualified divers within the overall context of the BSAC Diver Training.

'Safety First' is designed to demonstrate how any diver can benefit from the experience of diving with a regular group of enthusiasts, by being able to draw on the support and experience of others as they consolidate and develop their own personal diving skills. Divers participating in the 'Safety First' are able to practice and 'fine-tune' their diving skills and ensure that they remain up to date before the start of the diving season, or after a break from active participation.

The overall objectives of 'Safety First' are:

  • To place the emphasis on the prevention of incidents rather than on the rescue skills needed to resolve them
  • To reduce the number and seriousness of diving incidents
  • To continue to promote safe diving practices to all divers, irrespective of affiliation, both in the UK and abroad
  • To ensure that divers can enjoy their sport whilst providing them with a programme of continuous education, with an emphasis on safe, enjoyable diving.

For General Advice we have created two sub pages from here to cover Top Tips for
Personal Preparation Instruction Policy

Group Preparation    boat prep

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Safety Talk

Safety Talk

features several lessons learned and discussion topics

Safety First

Safety First Toolkit

download the Safety First Toolkit

Short Courses

Continued training

ongoing diver training, short courses and instructor training

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